2011 26/08

Our routine

After the first months of really sucking in the sleep department of life (as in he did not like to sleep, ever), Talon is turning out to be my best sleeper yet!

Abbi was a good sleeper from the get-go, but pretty much had to be rocked to sleep. Putting her to bed while she was still awake didn’t go over too well. Zoe, she was not a good sleeper. I think she just didn’t need as much sleep as Abbi ever did. Which was frustrating to me because I needed the rest. We battled a lot. Funny thing, she still does not need nearly as much sleep as Abbi does! 

With Talon I can put him down in his bed while he’s still awake and he’ll fall asleep. Astounds me. Matter of fact, there have been many times where Tim or I will put him to bed, come out of the room and say “There is no way that kid is going to go to sleep! He’s wide awake!” And yet, after 10 or 20 minutes of little baby babble, he’s asleep. Baffles us.

The best part though is when he wake up (after a long night of sleep or a 2 hour nap, of course). This is our routine…

I will hear him ‘talking’ in his bed. After a few minutes, once I know he’s actually up and not going to just go back to sleep, I will go into his room. And I will find him like this:


Looking up at me with his big baby grin! Always.

Then I will say HI to him and he will immediately hide his face in his bed.


Then look back up at me with his big smile.


And I’ll ask him if he’s ready to get up and, again, he hides.


We continue to go on like this until one of us gives up. Either he will hear his sisters talking and be curious as to what they are doing (no more hiding) or I will be ready just to pick him up and kiss on those cheeks.  It’s usually the latter. I can’t help it.

I love our routine. I want to freeze time and replay our routine over and over again! This boy has me smitten!

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