2011 14/09

3 for 3: I lose

I find it strangely ironic that, despite me being home with our kids ALL DAY EVERY DAY, they refuse to bless me with one simple reward: saying mama as their first word.

Seriously? I feed them (multiple times a day), I bathe their stinkyness, I offer a smile as they puke all over me and themselves (after we’ve already done the bath, of course), and I change the toxic waste we fondly call a dirty diaper. And still, every single one of these kids has decided to say DADA! as their first word.

It just doesn’t seem fair, now does it? I had high hopes for this last one. I thought for sure that Talon, being mommy’s little boy, would surely say mama first.

But earlier this week he made it clear that his first word is dada. And he won’t stop! He just keeps rubbing in my face. All day long. Dadadadadadadada! 

He’s lucky he’s so stinking cute.


What were your kids’ first words? Did you try coaching them to say a specific word?

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  • We worked really hard on Mama too! But, alas 3 out of 4 chose Dada as their first “word” -although I have read it is one of the simpliest speech patterns and they aren’t necessarily associating it correclty yet…hmmmmm…. Anyway, Gibson was the exception. His first word was – BALL. AHHHH!!!!

  • Haha. I guess I am one of the lucky moms out there who’s baby chose mama as his first word. I’ve heard that almost ALL babies say dada first so that’s what I was expecting but he just says mamamamama all the time. I must admit that I love it so much but I do feel sort of bad for my hubby whom I know is sick of hearing mama and wants to hear dada! Oh and btw- your baby boy is just too precious!

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