2011 29/09

90% Done

I’m spent people. Spent. I wish I had something fabulous to write for you. But I’m sure my fabulous is stack up somewhere in the unpacked boxes or the mounds of garbage from cleaning two houses.

The somewhat silver-lining is that after this weekend we HAVE to be completely moved out of the other house. The dirty-grey-lining over top of that silver is that all that stuff is going to find it’s way into our current garage. And will need to be unpacked. Eventually. 

Ugh. Spent.

So, at some point, between the cleaning and packing and unpacking and cleaning and organizing and sorting, I will stop. I will love on my girls who have spent way too much time in the car and being asked to find something to do.

Girls cashed out

I will snuggle with my little guy who has had to taken sporadic naps on the go and who has, through it all, has decided to push through is first two teeth. At once.


And I will adore my husband who took random days off to help lighten my load. To give me extra help with all this madness.

Have I mentioned that moving sucks?

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