2011 10/10

Columbus Day? Is it a holiday?

I just don’t understand the holiday system in our country. I mean, do schools and businesses just pick and choose which holidays they want to observe?

Today is Columbus Day. I honestly thought that it was just one of those holidays where kids do cute extra projects at school to ‘celebrate’. Well, that and the Post Office would be closed. They are closed for any and all holidays (pseudo or otherwise). But now I’m hearing that some schools and businesses are actually closed. Because it’s Columbus Day?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally fine with schools and businesses being closed today. After all, the man did discover our country. I’m just confused as to why some schools/businesses have the day off and others don’t. Mostly I’m confused on the school thing. Shouldn’t all public schools follow the same holiday schedule?

This is just bizarre to me.

Part of me is just jealous because I would have LOVED to have had a low-key, ‘stay in your pjs’ morning. Instead we proceeded with our rat-race of a Monday morning.

The other part of me is just legitimately confused.

So, please, share with me your insight. Why do some schools have today off as a holiday and others don’t? Do your kids have today off?

In the mean time, HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY! Go forth and search for something new and exciting today!

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  • I was super confused to hear of some schools being closed today too – had a panic attack when I realized I just sent Jessica to school via carpool and wasn’t sure if there would be teachers to greet her. So confused.

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