2011 25/10

Barbie gets inked

This morning I was scanning through Facebook and I came across a post from Good Morning America.

My first thought, Don’t click on it, Stacey! Leave the page. You’re only going to get irritated by the comments. Don’t. Do. It!

But did I listen? Nope. I clicked. I read through numerous comments. And I got irritated. No surprise.

Really? Are people really that upset over this?

Tattooed Barbie

In all fairness, there were quite a few people who could care less if Barbie was tattooed. Many of them fell under the camp of “If you don’t like a tattooed Barbie, then don’t buy it for your kid!” But let’s talk about the comments against inked up Barbie.

Some of those comments included thoughts that this Barbie was “white trash” or tattoos are “tramp stamps” — Tattoos make you “white trash”? Apparently Thomas Edison, Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, and George W. Bush were trampy white trash. Yes, they all had/have tattoos.

Kids shouldn’t be encouraged to get tattoos until they are fully mature and able to really understand the implications of a permanent decision.” — You’re right, I’m pretty sure that my 5 year old is going to run off and get a tattoo the first chance she gets thanks to Barbie. Really? Do you REALLY believe that? If that’s the case then I should also be concerned about my daughters wanting to run around in high heels, in dresses that show your ‘goods’ when you bend over, in lacy undies, and makeup. I believe there are more Barbies out there that fit that bill than tattooed Barbies.

Tattoos on Barbie? Well she already has the body of a stripper, and the makeup and clothes to go with it. Give her a crack pipe and the package is complete. Oh…then we need rehab Barbie…can’t get a job Barbie…great marketing right?— Awesome! Tattoos lead to smoking crack! Kids, Go grab mommy that crack pipe! No, you can’t play with that Barbie, you need to get a job because apparently your tattooed parents are going to be out of work soon! Pretty ridiculous! Almost as ridiculous as thinking the majority of strippers have a body like Barbie!

Seriously people! Why are you so worried about a doll sending the wrong message to your kid? A doll that you don’t have to buy! It’s a lot like blaming McDonalds for your kids being fat or TV for your kids being lazy. It’s called parenting. If you don’t want your kids to eat McDonalds then don’t buy it. If you don’t want your kids to play with a tattooed doll, then don’t buy it.  But let’s not be ignorant.

Phew. Now that I have that off my chest, it’s time to explain to my little girls how go old, teen fashion modelBarbie got knocked up! I bet pregnant Barbie has one of those evil little tramp stamps too! Probably “KEN” tattooed on her ass!

Tattooed Barbie

What do you think? Obviously you know how I feel about Barbie sporting some tattoos, but I want to know…Are you totally opposed to Barbie having tattoos?


  • I’m not sure I ever considered Barbie a role model for my daughter, and I’m sad for people who do. We have Barbie’s Beach Cabana, which has a blender and margarita-ish drinks; I don’t let my kids drink margaritas either though. I can’t believe there is a controversy about this, but I would have read the comments and gotten annoyed too :)

  • *rolls eyes* I find the Bratz dolls way more offensive than this. Not that I want my daughter looking up to either toy in general.

  • I’ve seen so many of the same comments you’re talking about, Stacey. I have a tattoo, and haven’t grabbed a crack pipe yet. My daughter doesn’t have barbies anyway, because I don’t like them so I don’t buy them. Simple as that. Parents need to stop blaming everyone else for their decisions. Great post!

  • What? Jen, you haven’t started smoking crack yet? But you have a {gasp} tattoo!!! That had to be my very favorite comment! Sometimes I wish we hadn’t gotten started into the Barbies (I don’t even remember how it started) because it’s so frustrating trying to find decent clothes for them!

  • Oh goodness! Those Bratz dolls are something, aren’t they?

  • Yes, I’m continually amazed at what/who some parents will deem as their kids’ role models.

  • Ok let me just say one thing. (OK maybe more) an actual study was done of the effect that Barbie has on a young child’s body image leading to anorexia and bulimia. Little girls exposed to Barbie were 8 times more likely to want a thinner body and dissatisfied with the size they were currently and wanted to lose weight. I’m talking little girls age 5-10. That topic goes completely over looked for YEARS. Yet you give Barbie a tattoo and suddenly the world is up in arms. Do I want my child to get a tattoo? Not until she is old enough to understand the implications. Does that stop anyone including teachers and parents from handing out fake tattoos to kids as toys and incentives? No., How many clown are hired at party’s and festivals to paint on tattoos? Should we be stoning bobo the clown for the picture of a sun they just painted on my daughter? Oh and while we are at it… lets boy cot the doodle bear by fisher price. They allow you to draw your own tattoos on your bear, wash him and then do it again.. Instead of blaming the toy industry for making and marketing things that people obviously want, Think about what your doing everyday to effect the way are children are growing up. I’ll step off my soap box now and me and my tattoo will go smoke my crack pipe (geez)

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