2011 15/10

Mess cleaning made easy with Stomp ‘N Go

When we lived out in the Hamilton house, I was so much more relaxed when it came to the kids and food. More so, I was fine with them eating lunch as a picnic in the living room or spilling once in a while or the baby spitting up on the floor or…or…or. Don’t get me wrong, I cleaned it all up. It was just that the carpeting in the house was this old{ish}, industrial-like berber carpet that could pretty much hide anything. And it did.

Now that we are living in the condo again and the flooring is a little nicer, well, the “food” rules have gotten a little more strict!

Between the girls, the baby, and the dog, I feel like messes are a way of life. But now one of my favorite companies, Bissell, has created a new product to help me take care of those daily floor messes!

I’ve been loving this pet-mess cleaner from Bissell that I got from Gleek Retreat so much so that I’ve passed out bottles of it to most of my family. And now, well, looks like I’ve got another product to pass out!

The new Bissell Stomp ‘N Go pads make cleaning up those daily messes even easier! And more convenient!

These individually wrapped, pre-moistened pads are so easy to place overtop those spills and stains and literally ‘stomp’ them out. After you pick up any, ummm, big ‘pieces’, simply place the pad over the mess, put some pressure on it and then leave the pad on the area for 30 minutes (they recommend 24 hours for really tough stains).

The Stomp ‘N Go pads have worked really well, so far, on juice spills and baby food messes. It’s nice having something so easy to use handy since our dining area has carpeting…for now. When you have a hungry baby waiting for his next mouthful of food, you don’t really have time to be scrubbing the mouthful that he just spit out off the floor.

The Stomp ‘N Go pads actually allow me to clean up that mouthful-mess while I’m still feeding him his next bite. LOVE IT!

You should know…I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of BISSELL and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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