2011 14/10

Take a lesson from the animal world

I don’t know how radio show hosts, like Dave Ramsey, do it. Some of his callers absolutely infuriate me! Specifically, it’s the seemingly grown-up callers who reveal that they are totally mooching off their parents. And they see no issue with this.

Really? You’re really going to complain that your parents won’t let you get unlimited texting on your cell phone? The cell phone that your parents are paying for? And you’re 26? Really?

You’re 35 and you’re honestly going to ask your parents to pay your rent, kids’ school tuition, medical bills, (insert whatever you like)? While you’re making no efforts to pay for that yourself? And you continue to live your life keeping up with Joneses?

How does this make sense? I could not imagine calling up my parents and asking them to take care of my/my family’s responsibilities when there are things I could be doing to take care of it myself. Hello? I don’t know about your area but Taco Bell is always looking for extra workers around here. There ARE jobs to be had. You just need to humble yourself, hang your over-inflated pride by the door, and get your hands dirty.

Oh, and you might need to cut the cable/satellite for a while or sell that SUV that you really don’t need. Vacations are a luxury, not a yearly right. “New” clothes don’t need to come from Abercrombie or Saks.

I think we need to take a little lesson from our furry and feathered counterparts. Most birds and animals, after hatching or birthing their offspring, spend a certain amount of time teaching them necessary survival skills, be it flying or hunting or bulking up for hibernation, and then they send them off into the world (or wilderness).

*courtesy of http://community.greencupboards.com*

If you happen to not be paying attention for those few days/months/years, then you’re going to be in a pickle. I don’t know of many instances where a mama bear is out hunting up some meat to feed to her middle-aged ‘cub’ who is just too damn lazy or not smart enough to hunt for himself. Sorry brother bear, it’s time to get a second job!

I just get so frustrated when I see and hear about parents who are being walked all over by their grown children. Oh, you went to the dentist and had to have some crazy root canal stuff done AND you’re not sure how you’re going to pay the bill? It’s simple, you call the DENTIST! You don’t call MOMMY! You beg and plead with the dentist to put you on a payment plan AND THEN YOU GO GET ANOTHER JOB to pay off that bill or cut down on the extras. Yeah, that might mean your kids won’t get every new X-Box game available this Christmas. But they’ll survive. I promise.

And parents, hear me when I say this….IT’S OK TO SAY NO! You said it to us all growing up. No, don’t touch the hot stove. No, you cannot drop your sister off the roof to see if she can bounce. No, you cannot go spend the night at Billy’s house {because I know his parents aren’t home and you will be drinking and partying there}. You said it to keep us safe. You said it to teach us a lesson. You said it because you knew it was the right thing to do.

SAY IT NOW! Say NO to us as adults. No, you cannot borrow more money from me because you haven’t paid back the first six “loans” I’ve given you. No, I will not continue to pay for your medical bills while you continue to not make any effort to pay for it yourself. NO!

Go ahead, say it. It’s going to feel good!

*image courtesy of http://media.alaska.com*

So, our take home lesson today is….

Parents: JUST SAY NO!

Adult ‘children’: GROW UP!

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