2011 02/11

A frog and his two princesses

We’ve spent a number of Halloweens with the Folletts since, well, before they were officially “the Folletts”!

Before we all had kids, we used to spend our Halloweens going to haunted houses together. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure the first time Tara & Scott met was when we drug them both to a haunted house with us. Oh goodness, remember that night Tara? Anyhow, now we both have kids so our haunted house days have now turned into crazy chaotic trick-or-treating! 

And it’s awesome! In a matter of 2 short hours, we manage to feed everyone, get 5 very excited kids into costumes (and some adults), and make our way around the neighborhood to fill bags with candy. Tara & Scott’s neighborhood is perfect for our little ones because it’s a simple loop and, by the time we’ve about accomplished our loop, most of the kids are ready to call it quits.

As they get older, our loop will have to increase, I’m sure. Or we might need to toss in some more activities to keep them busy and their night fulfilled. I could totally see Tara and I putting together some sort of haunted house or halloween party for the kids. Oh the things we could come up with!  In the mean time, here is a little glimpse of our trick-or-treating fun this year…

The crew: Zoe (Sleeping Beauty), Abbi (Ariel), Tara (Frankenstein), Talon (Tree Frog), Jake (Pirate), and Caleb (Peter Pan)

This princess needs to grow into her crown!

My Sleeping Beauty & Ariel found another set of sisters who were also Sleeping Beauty & Ariel! They thought it was awesome!

Scott & a tired Peter Pan

Zoe giving her "Police Officer" daddy a little lip

And, at the end of the night, still a happy little Tree Frog

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