2011 13/11

Remember the Wish Book?

Did you ever page through the Wish Book when you were a kid? Oh that thing was the best thing ever! I remember that my grandma would get the Wish Book a few weeks before Christmas and we would all take turns page through it, ear marking or circling the items we would just love to have!

Sears Christmas Wish Book 1984

I think they need to create a *wish book* for grown-ups {keep your minds to the left of the gutter, please}. A book full of the latest fashions, gadgets, tech gear, kitchen goodies, books, music, and more. Can you imagine that book?

Yes, I realize that quite a few bloggers put together gift guides this time of year but I just want one big book. Where I can ear mark pages. Circle items in bright red ink. Strategically leave it out, displaying a page with the best possible gift {for me} in the most opportune place for a willing gift buyer to notice it. I want a WISH BOOK!

But, until someone creates said Wish Book, I suppose I’ll just have to do my own looking and dreaming. It just won’t be nearly as cool without the ear marked pages and big red circles. {pouty face}

So, since we have just six weeks left until Christmas {how did that happen}, I’m going to take the next six weeks to share with you some products I think you just might circle in that Wish Book.  I’m going to do the research and give you run down.  Yeah, that’s just the nice kind of person I am.

That being said, are there any products that you are considering gifting yourself or someone you looove this Christmas? I’ll see what I can find out about those products and let you know here! But I’m only going to pick 6 products to chat about. So get dreaming and leave them in the comments here.

And, if you’re interested in creating that Wish Book, I’ll gladly take your first copy!


Ok, I just had to add this one in here. I know it’s not the official “Wish Book” but I remember this book! THIS BOOK! And this person on Flickr actually has all of the pages scanned in! AWESOME! They also have a bunch of other Wish Books and old Toy Books. Oh I am in nostalgia heaven!


  • I got a kindle for my birthday in August and have LOVED it. Of course I blinked and they came out with 3 new ones. My husband has really been enjoying my kindle as well and I’ve thought about getting him one as well, but not sure which one to go with. Would love to hear what you think!

  • Care Bears and Cabbage Patch! Thanks for the fun post… I enjoyed reading the nostalgia of another ’80’s child :)

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