2011 21/11

WishBook Week 2: Motorola BIONIC {#MotoCalyp}

Yes, I’m still on the WishBook kick. And what would a WishBook be without SmartPhones…

If you think shopping for a computer is tough, try shopping for a cell phone these days! We’ve come a long way from that old ‘bag’ phone my mom used to have that we COULD NEVER USE because, OMG, do you even know how much it cost to use that thing each minute??? And then there were those ultra cool brick cell phones that Zack Morris and the gang from 90210 used. Seriously! How did they even consider those things *mobile*?

Now, twenty years later, we have these fabulous SmartPhones that are, for all practical purposes, a miniature computer in our pockets! And, oh boy, do you have a smorgasbord of selections! It would take quite a number of posts for me to dissect the differences between all of the SmartPhones currently on the market {and, fyi, that market is constantly changing so those posts would be outdated as soon as I hit ‘publish’}. So, instead, I’m just going to share with you about one, the Motorola BIONIC. Because Collective Bias asked me if I would. {If you want to know more about another SmartPhone, let me know in a comment below and I’d be happy to share my thoughts.}

So, yes, let’s take a look at the BIONIC.

First, don’t be confused when you see that the BIONIC is referred to as a Droid. A Droid is a type of SmartPhone that happens to be running the Android software. Again, this SmartPhone stuff can get confusing. Just wanted to keep us all on the same page.

When shopping for any SmartPhone, I would suggest that you check them out online and then actually head to a store to do some hands-on research. It is amazing how different phones can look online and, with SmartPhones, you’ll really want to get a feel for the operating system and functionality.  So, that’s what I did. I started out looking at the BIONIC on Motorola.com to get an idea of the specs.

Motorola BIONIC

But, as I’ve said a few times before, I’m a hands-on girl. I want to actually see the phone for myself! So, it was off to the local Verizon shop {here’s more on that}!

Motorola Bionic

First impression…the BIONIC was very similar to the other Motorola SmartPhones displayed on the wall at the store. Which is neither good nor bad. However, I did notice that the BIONIC was a bit thicker than the phones surrounding it. The BIONIC is 10.99mm thick. While that is about 3.89mm thicker than the seemingly thinner phone displayed next to it, the BIONIC still felt very comfortable in my hand.

Motorola BIONIC

After spending some time playing with the features and operating system of the BIONIC, I found some very key parts that I really liked…

Google Integration — As someone who uses quite a few of Google’s services, I love that the BIONIC integrates Google’s Mobile Services (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Talk, Google eBooks, YouTube, and more).

Personalization — You can make your Motorola BIONIC *your own* with ringtones and preloaded, downloadable, and Live wallpapers. Honestly, the Live wallpaper kind of drives me crazy with all that movement. But I’m easily distrac…SQUIRREL!

Online —  You will also enjoy the easy access and navigation of web pages. I was quite impressed with the quality of images on the webpages and how easily it displayed both mobile web versions and full web versions!

Motorola BIONIC

Camera — I was SO intrigued that the Motorola BIONIC includes an 8MP camera. That is pretty stinkin’ cool for a phone! The pictures looked pretty good (for being in a store and not having anything fun to photograph) and I loved the different built-in effects and editing available.  But, the coolest part, was the “modes”. You can choose to shoot in single shot, multi-shot, or panorama. And that panorama mode is AWWWE-SOME!

Motorola BIONIC

Apps — Of course, with a SmartPhone, you are curious about apps. And rightfully so! The BIONIC gives you access to the Android Market™ with an amazing amount of apps, including {wait for it} Angry Birds. I know, that’s a favorite in our house :) But there are also a ton of really other amazing apps to choose from.

And more… — The BIONIC features quite a bit more…music player, streaming media (audio, video, internet radio), email, text messaging, etc. Pretty much anything you could want in a phone. Except babysitting your kids. No people, that would just be wrong. But there’s nothing wrong with them being obsessed with those Angry Birds!

Now, all that is great, but let’s talk about the big thing that, I think, is pulling people to these Motorola SmartPhones — 4G. The BIONICM is held under Verizon Wireless and, you should know, the 4G feature is not available in all markets. If this is a key feature for you, make sure it’s available in your area or will be soon.

Overall, the Motorola BIONIC is a good looking phone. Lots of great features. Eye catching….but I feel like there isn’t much that makes it stand out in the SmartPhone market. However, the idea of getting free 2-day shipping is kind of appealing…just saying.

Will you be shopping for a SmartPhone this holiday season? What makes or breaks a SmartPhone for you?

You should know…This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are my own. I do not currently own a Motorola BIONIC, so all opinions and observations are being made based on time researching online at Motorola.com and at a local Verizon store. #MotoCalyp 

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