2011 23/12

Kids Nativity Craft {the Shepherd and sheep}

Last year Abbi and I made this little Nativity scene. This year, we are adding to our Nativity by creating some shepherds and sheep. Specifically we are creating 2 of each because Zoe is old enough to participate. Let’s get started!

2011 22/12

Baby Wearing Through the Holidays

When you have a baby at home, the Holidays can become a bit more….tricky. Whether you are prepping a big family dinner, setting out hors d’oeuvres for the party with your friends, or crafting with the older kids, it is inevitable that the baby is going to want to be one place — your arms! […]

2011 21/12

Christmas Traditions: Santa

Every year we take the kids to see Santa. We’ve fallen into a pattern of taking them to see Santa at Home & Company each year. He is such a great Santa! I wrote all about why we go there last year. So, this year I’m just going to share the pictures with you! The […]

2011 19/12

Christmas Traditions: Books

Merry Christmas, Katie! You just one an Interactive Story Buddy from Hallmark! My girls love books. And they love stories about Christmas! Matter of fact, our books about Christmas stay on their book shelf all year long and often times get read in the middle of the summer, as well this time of year. Their […]

2011 19/12

Holiday Fashion for the little man

Having two girls in the house, fashion seems to be a way of life. We range from wanting to wear the most pouffy and frilliest of dresses to pairing the most unlikely of pieces. It is always a gamble when I ask the girls to go to their room and get dressed by themselves. Sometimes […]

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