2011 22/12

Baby Wearing Through the Holidays

When you have a baby at home, the Holidays can become a bit more….tricky. Whether you are prepping a big family dinner, setting out hors d’oeuvres for the party with your friends, or crafting with the older kids, it is inevitable that the baby is going to want to be one place — your arms!

I’ve worn Talon the most out of all three kids. Partly because I’m trying to do stuff and keep up with the older kids, but mostly because he’s a snuggler. And he likes his mama’s arms. So, often times during the week, I’m putting on one of our carriers or wraps. And he’s happy as can be!

This has been especially true during the Holidays. When he wasn’t feeling well right around Thanksgiving, wrapped him up and he stay snuggled into me as we went about our daily activities. When we were writing ‘thank-you’ cards after Abbi’s birthday, he watched from the front-pack. And, now that we’re trying to get all of our last minute Christmas stuff done, he’s once again being worn. He loves it. I love it. Yay for the double win!

The past few weeks we have been trying out the new Sync™ from Infantino.

Infantino Sync

It’s a lot like the traditional wraps we’ve all known and loved. However, Infantino has something new on theirs! At least, new to me. Instead of having to wrap the carrier around your waist, the Sync features a lumbar belt that actually clips together! This is cool people. You can set the lumbar belt to your size and comfort but then still use the rest of the Sync as a traditional wrap to carry your baby in different positions.

The lumbar belt also gives you more back support and I felt like it gave me a more secure spot to hold baby. I felt like I was constantly trying to adjust how the other wraps fit around my waist as time went on carrying the baby. But this one stays put. And is very comfortable.

I’ve been using the Sync in the hip hugging position and it has been great for holding Talon as I help the girls with some Christmas crafts and cards.  Sorry, I wasn’t able to snap any pictures though. The husband frowns upon me using the camera when my hands are full of glue and glitter. I know, I know! I try to tell him it’s all in the name of blogging, but he doesn’t quite buy that {hee hee, hi honey!}.

I’m really looking forward to trying the backpack carry with the Sync as soon as Talon gets a little bigger {and understands that pulling mommy’s hair is not a game}.

The Sync™ is designed for babies/toddlers 8-36lbs and currently comes in one fabric design {which I actually really like}. It is priced at $39.99. But here’s the biggest “YAY” feature for me…the Sync is machine washable! And when I say it’s machine washable, I mean toss that sucker in and it still comes out the same size (no shrinking) and looking nice! I actually tested this feature out the other day when I was wearing Talon while he wasn’t feeling well. Let’s just say that the Sync can hold in more than just baby and cleans up very nicely. Now, if it could only erase that moment from my mind! {ewww!}

You can learn more about the Sync at Infantino.com.

Do/did you wear your baby? 

I am a participant in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.

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