2011 15/12

Christmas Traditions: The Tree

I love Christmas trees! They are what seems to kick-off the Christmas season for me. I have a strict rule, though, that we do not put our tree up until after Thanksgiving. Because, once it is up, we’re focusing on all things Christmas!

Our tree went up that first weekend of December and the girls were so excited! Sadly, we’ve forgone the tradition of trucking out to a tree farm and cutting down our own tree. We did that the first few years of our marriage and even when Abbi was just a baby. But, some time in there, for some reason or other, we decided to ditch the real tree and opt for a pre-lit artificial.

Now, come the first part of January, when the tree gets taken down, I’ll be thankful for the artificial pine we have. No needles to clean up. And continue to mysteriously step on, even in March. No worrying about how, when, and where to dispose of it. Nope. We just take off the ornaments, break it down into it’s three pieces and place it back into it’s box and into the storage room.

But, in the mean time, I miss the look and smell of a real pine. And, in my fairy tale mind, I miss bundling up the kids and dog and finding that perfect tree to cut down. {In reality, chances are I would be toting a screaming baby and two girls who couldn’t decide on which tree we should cut down and then we’d end up just picking whatever tree we were closet to…cutting it down…and getting the heck out of there!}

Despite whether our tree has been cut down or unboxed, we still hold true to one tradition. The decorating!

Tim and I struggle to get the tree assembled and, for the past two years, figure out why certain strands of lights are not working. But, once it’s standing, we let the girls go to work! They ooh and ahhh over the different ornaments, reminiscing about which ornaments they bought or made in the years past, and then find the most perfect branch to place it on. Then they point out the fragile ornaments that I need to place higher up on the tree.

Every year it becomes more and more fun. The tree becomes more theirs as they add to their ornament collection each year. And, although I end up having to spread the ornaments around a bit more after they are finished {seriously, I don’t understand how they manage to squeeze six ornaments onto one branch!}, they manage to make that fake tree look wonderful!

Christmas Tree Decorating 2011

Some day I would love to have that catalogue-perfect tree, with beautiful matching ornaments and bows or ribbons, but, for right now, I am loving my tree decorated in Handy Manny ornaments and handprint reindeer!

Do you have a “tree tradition”? Do you hunt down that perfect pine or string popcorn? 

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  • Hi Stacy – I somehow came across your page and read the above. I, too, miss the smell of the tree. I have an artificial tree, as you do. I cut branches and put them in a big old scrub bucket with water and have as a center piece. It is really pretty with the red berries stuck in it. Even living in RC, I do have a hard time finding brush, or cutting it and wondering if I’m on somebody’s property! So far, so good. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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