2011 06/12

Finding balance during the Holidays

I find it strangely comical that I’m writing about ‘finding balance’ as I sit at a table that is so freaking wobbly that it’s driving me crazy!

So, balance. Is this even possible during the Holidays? Or do we just buckle to the idea that the holidays are a crazy busy time with running from store to party to tree decorating to present hiding to present wrapping to oh crap! someone please feed the dog who hasn’t been fed all day!

That’s where I’m at right now. While I’m sitting in one spot my brain is in another. While I’m decorating the tree with the kids my mind is off thinking about that to-do list of work items and the list of stuff we need from the grocery store to make cookies. Meanwhile, my girls are being super cute and I’m not relishing in it.

Do you have this?

I think the problem is that I didn’t have balance before the holidays. And now I’m adding more. More events. More to-dos. More. And the scale that is my life wouldn’t even know balance if it sucker punched me right now.

So, how do you find balance in such a busy time as the Holidays? 

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