2012 11/01

Do you mind rescheduling?

I am continually amazed at how many times I am called by doctor offices or other service providers and asked if I can reschedule an upcoming appointment. I don’t know if it’s just me, but this happens all the time! Or at least it feels like it.

Sometimes it’s rescheduling an upcoming appointment: I’m so sorry Stacey, it looks like doctor is going to be out of the office on that date now. Ok, I understand. Seminars come up. Awesome vacation deals are hard to pass up. No problem. Let’s reschedule.

Sometimes it’s an immediate appointment that needs to be rescheduled: Dr. Blah-blah has an emergency at the hospital or So&So is home sick today so we’ll have to reschedule your appointment for today. Hmmm. This one is still understandable. Things come up.

The problem? Rescheduling is not that easy for me. Shoot, scheduling appointments in general is just not easy. As a stay-at-home mom of three little ones, I have to take them (the kids) into consideration when scheduling appointments. And how it will affect my sanity at the end of the day.

Here are my options when scheduling an appointment:

Option 1: Hire a babysitter during appointments. While this is the most ideal situation, it is also the most unlikely to happen. My regular sitters are students and not readily available during the day. My in-laws are gracious enough to take the kids if they are available but that means scheduling my appointments around their schedule (which I’m so willing to do) and they are gone for several months during the winter. I don’t really have other family available and, while I know some friends would be willing to take the kids, I hate bothering them and adding to their ‘kid-load’ during the day.

I reserve Option 1 for when I need to go to appointments where I refuse to take kids….the gynecologist.

Option 2: Take the kids with me. This is the one that wins out the most. I try to schedule doctor appointments {mostly my chiropractor and the kids’ appointments} when I only have one or two of the kids with me and the other(s) are in school. Regardless, taking any or all of my kids with me to appointments like the chiropractor is so stressful. It’s amazing how they turn into little monsters the minute we walk through those office doors! I leave so stressed out that I end up counteracting all of the adjustments my chiropractor just did. Yes, it’s that bad.

Option 3: Schedule appointments for when the husband is home. I take this option whenever possible. The problem is that I’m limited to late evening/night appointments or Saturdays. While this works for hair appointments, some work stuff, or coffee with a friend, sadly my eye doctor, dentist, and chiropractor do not schedule after 6pm.

I just don’t think those office assistants understand how hard it is when they ask me to reschedule. And then when it takes us fifteen minutes to find an appointment that will actually work for me.

I can’t just take an afternoon off to come to an appointment. I can’t just come to work a few minutes late or take a long lunch.

And I love when the office assistant says to me, Well you can just bring the kids with you. We’re a kid-friendly office. I’m sure it would be fine. Umm, hell to the no! I’m not bringing my kids to my gyno check-up! There are certain things a 3 year old does not need to see! And, unless the hygienist wants to stop working every 20 seconds so I can sit-up and tell my kids to stop bickering with each other, the dentist office probably isn’t the best place to take them either.

I don’t know if people realize this about stay-at-home moms. That we don’t have this amazingly free schedule to do whatever when like, when we like. That we have to work around meals and naps, school and bedtimes. That while, yes, we can take our kids to appointments with us, it is not healthy for anyone involved.

My other frustration {and you thought I was done} is that lovely little sign at the doctor office that reads: Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance may result in service charge. Really? So should I be submitting bills for those who have had to cancel on me? If that were the case, I would have gotten free check-ups all through my pregnancy with Talon!

How do you handle getting rescheduled? Does it happen to you often?

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