2012 17/01

She’s testing me

Me: Abbi, please go wash your hands and face if you’re done eating.

Her: Ok.

Bathroom door shuts. Thirty seconds later, the door opens and she strolls out.

Me: Abbi, did you wash your hands and face?

Her: Yup!

{Seriously? Are we really doing this again?}

Me: Come here. Abbi, you still have sticky hands and food on your face. Go back. This time, actually WASH your hands and face. With water. And soap.

Her: UGH! Fiiiine.


Me: Excuse me girls, who used the bathroom last?

Her: I did.

Me:  Then you should probably flush the toilet, Abbi. Also, did you wipe? 

Her: Ugh! No.

Me: ABIGAIL! You have to wipe your butt. Every. Single. Time! 

Her: FINE! I will! {stomp, stomp, stomp}

Me: Well, it’s a little late now. You need to WIPE right after going pee! And then FLUSH THE TOILET!!!



Crying. Wailing. More crying.

Her Sister: MOM! Abbi just bit my finger!!!

Her: No I didn’t!

Her Sister: YES SHE DID!

Me: Abigail, did you bite your sister?


Me: Abigail….did you bite your sister’s finger? Answer me.

Her: Yes. But…

Me: No “buts”! Why on earth did you bite your sister’s finger?

Her: Because she put it by my mouth.

Me: I don’t care! You don’t bite your sister. Ever. You ask her to move her finger. You don’t BITE IT!

Her: Oh. Sorry, Zoe.


I think the girl is testing my breaking point these days. The trying thing is that these conversations happen multiple times a day. Well, she’s not actually biting her sister multiple times a day but you can substitute that with hiding her sister’s toys, taking away her sister’s toys, not picking up her own stuff, and on and on.

There are days that I just shake my head in disbelief that we continue to have the same conversations. And then, truth be told, there are days that I’m so close to my breaking point that it’s not even funny.

And look at that….I have to hit ‘publish’ now because some is yelling at her little sister.

Breaking point, people. Breaking point.

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  • Just wait. These angels grow into teenagers and college kids. Your patience isn’t being tested, it’s being strengthened.

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