2012 05/01

Staying Busy on Snow Days

It took about a month longer than expected, but we finally have snow in Michigan. The funny thing about Michigan weather is that, as unpredictable as the snow’s arrival is, it’s departure is even more so! Regardless, over the next few months, we are sure to have a few snow days!

So, what do you do to keep your kids busy on snow days? 

See, the problem with snow days is that my kids need that school time. They need that time away from the house. Away from each other. With other kids. With structured learning and activities. When that is taken away and they are stuck here with me…heaven help us! It’s not a pretty site. At least not after 10am.

To ensure we all make it out of that snow day safely, I need to be prepared! Knowing that outdoor play will only last so long, if at all, I need to be ready with some indoor activities. And some quiet indoor activities {baby needs to nap} that can use their creativity!

With this in mind, I was very intrigued when I received some information about Moon Dough. We had never tried Moon Dough and with some good reasons {or so I thought}. First, I hate playdoh. Yup, I said it. I hate it. Hate the smell. Hate how it always seems to dry out a day after unsealing the container. Hate the smell. Hate that it gets all over the place and I have yet to find a way to actually clean it up. I cringed when my mom bought my oldest playdoh for the first time. Have I mentioned how much I dislike the smell of that stuff? So, I was a bit concerned that this Moon Dough would be another form of playdoh.

Moving on. I was also worried that the Moon Dough would just dry out a day after cracking it open. And that it would become this dry, crumbly stuff that ends up all over my floor. {Yes, I understand that I’m sounding like a bit of a control freak here.}

But, alas, we tried it. We cracked open this cute little Breakfast Set of Moon Dough {my girls love breakfast} and gave it a shot.

Moon Dough

And, knowing they would, my girls LOVED it! They made me numerous breakfasts and even some for their dolls. Then they created they some other *creatures*. I really have no idea what they were but they thought they were awesome and were having fun. And being quiet. And being creative!

Moon Dough

But, what about all my concerns?

Smell?  No smell! Oh, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Moon Dough!

Drying Out?  After a few months, this stuff is still going strong. No matter how many times they play with it or how many items they create, this stuff still says soft and pliable. I have ours stored in little zip lock bags and it’s the same consistency as it was the day we opened the packages!

Mess? We still ended up with Moon Dough on the floor. But the nice thing is that it easily cleaned up off the table and wood floor. Wiping it away or sweeping it up was no problem.

Other stuff I liked… While I tried to get the girls to keep the colors separate, that never happened. So we ended up with some *new* colors and they actually look really nice! And, while the dough does not dry out, it still manages to stay together to create different items or structures. It doesn’t just fall apart when you move your creation.

Moon Dough

I’m really glad we have Moon Dough to add to our list of “Let’s keep Mommy sane on Snow Days”! And, to spice things up as we anticipate Teacher Inservice Day and Spring Vacation {at home}, I’m looking forward to picking up another play pack like the Ice Cream, Magic Zoo, or Grocery Store!

You can learn more about Moon Dough and their products at MoonDough.com or on their Facebook Page.

What activities do you keep on hand for Snow Days or other days off from school? Have you ever tried Moon Dough? 

This post was written in part of a campaign with Child’s Play Communications. Compensation and/or complimentary product was received but does not affect the opinions stated here. 

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