2012 18/01

The ‘Ups’ of SoloParenting

Let’s face it, there are so many things that suck about solo-parenting. When you are used to having someone there, in the trenches with you, even the smallest battles can seem huge when you’re battling on your now for a few days.

And, while I could focus on all those things that suck, I thought I would maybe shed some light on the other side. The positive parts of solo-parenting. Yes, I’m aware that this will be a short post.

Remote Control Czar

You can watch whatever you want. Sappy Hallmark movies. Overly dramatic and often sickening episodes of The Bachelor. Endless re-runs of Law and Order. And there is no judging! Once you put those kids to bed, that tv is yours. All yours! And you can get up and pee during the show! You don’t have to wait until commercial!!! Speaking of bathroom trips…

Peeing with the door open

We don’t pee with the door open in our house. Well, the adults don’t. Except when the spouse is away! That’s right, I’ve been peeing with the door open all week. {Was that too much?}

Pajamas. At noon.

It takes everything I have not to stay in pjs or comfy clothes all day. Especially in the winter. I like to be comfy. With the husband gone I know what my entire day will look like. I know if we’ll be leaving the house in the evening. So, if I don’t feel like leaving after getting the girls from school at noon, then there is no reason why I can’t throw on the pj pants and sweatshirt. And it is fabulous! I save my most unflattering clothes for times like these because they exude comfort!

The mess is mine.

Probably the best {which seems weird to say} part about begin stuck home by myself with the kids all week is that at the end of the day, after the kids are tucked in, the mess that remains around the house is my responsibility. No matter who actually made the mess, the responsibility of whether it is picked up or left for another day is all mine. I can’t pass the buck. Which is actually somewhat of a relief. There is none of this unsaid irritation of “Is he expecting me to pick up the kids’ clothes that are all over the bathroom floor while he checks Twitter?” {Not that that ever happens here. Purely hypothetical.}

Sleeping diagonally.

Not that it’s really necessary. But there is something about sleeping diagonally in my bed. Sadly the dog also likes this idea and has grown accustomed to taking up as much space as possible in the bed while he can.

See, this solo-parenting thing isn’t so bad.

Nope. that’s a lie. It still sucks. But, the one thing I do realize, whether I’m solo-parneting for a few days or for a week that feels like it is never going to end, is that I’m so thankful that I am only solo-parenting and not single-parenting. I realize how much my husband does. How he keeps me sane. How the mere knowledge that he will be walking through that door at 6pm can keep me going through even the treacherous of afternoons. If I’m going to be crawling through the trenches of parenting, I’m glad he’s there with me most days!

Also? He will be getting a little taste of the ‘Ups’ of solo-parenting in a few weeks. And he’s kind of awesome for doing it!

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