2012 28/02

7 Reasons the Volt is better than a Mini-Van

One day, back in November, my husband said to me, “So, I looked at this car today…” I’m pretty sure he continued to tell me more about it. But, for the most part, I tuned the conversation out. Got that glazed over look and threw in a few ohs, really?, interestings. That was until he said the word “electric”. […]

2012 22/02

Blissdom Bound

Tomorrow I will be on my way to Nashville for the Blissdom conference! The last time I was in Nashville was with my grandparents. Which seems like a lifetime ago. I’m very excited to be heading to Nashville again. Although I’ll undoubtedly miss the husband and kids while I’m gone, I’m looking forward to this. […]

2012 22/02

100 Days

This week Abbi’s class will be celebrating 100 days of school. One hundred days! One hundred days of getting up and busting through our routine in hopes of making it out of the house by 8am. One hundred days of making our 20 minute commute to school. One hundred kisses. One hundred good-byes. And still, […]

2012 21/02

Losing her first tooth

Somewhere along the line I became old enough to have a kid who is loosing teeth. WHAT? About a month ago Abbi told me she had a loose tooth. We just so happened to be visiting the dentist that day and she assured me that the very slightly wiggly tooth would be hanging on for […]

2012 16/02

Toy Fair 2012!

Well, I had hoped to do more updates on Facebook and Twitter while I was at Toy Fair but we were in an internet and cell coverage black hole! Which was complete craziness! It is amazing how lost a social media person can feel when you take their connection away. Anyhow, I had a fabulous […]

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