2012 22/02

100 Days

This week Abbi’s class will be celebrating 100 days of school. One hundred days! One hundred days of getting up and busting through our routine in hopes of making it out of the house by 8am. One hundred days of making our 20 minute commute to school. One hundred kisses. One hundred good-byes. And still, after one hundred days, it is still an emotional struggle to get Abbi to walk through that class room door.

We were doing well, for a while. But something has happened recently and the struggle has started again.

No more crying, per se. Probably because I’ve told her that if she cries that she will not have an option of going to school. We will leave, together, and she will spend the day at home, in bed. {Judge if you will, but that’s me at the end of the rope on this one.}

She’s fine once the school day begins. Her teacher is compassionate enough to tell me this. But, somewhere between when we leave the car in the parking lot and when we reach the classroom door, her demeanor changes and she wants to come home. But she doesn’t want to miss school. And so goes the emotional struggle.

This is so different from Zoe. Zoe has no problem going to school. She gives me a kiss goodbye and bounds, happily, into her classroom. No tears. No hesitations. They are just different.

After one hundred days, I’m disheartened that we find ourselves in this place. Still. Is this just a phase {a very long phase}? Or are we looking something more serious? Something that is going to take help that I can’t give her.

Ugh! This parenting thing can suck at times.

So, after 100 days, I’m still looking for answers. Hoping it just gets better. Hoping that, maybe, 100 will be our magic number.

Tell me, did your child ever struggle with this? Am I dealing with something potentially “bigger”? 

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  • Stacey
    thinking about you as I can imagine the challenge you are facing. It is hard enough to send our kiddos to school with-out them caring! Then I think of full days next year. First time I have ever thought about home schooling! good luck!

  • Thanks Amanda! Abbi actually brought up the fact that she’ll be in school all day next year in first grade. She doesn’t like that idea. I have no idea what we’ll do. The funny thing is that I think Zoe will do ok with all day kindergarten….although I still disagree with it! Ugh! Honestly, I’ve thought about the whole homeschooling thing too.

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