2012 28/02

7 Reasons the Volt is better than a Mini-Van

One day, back in November, my husband said to me, “So, I looked at this car today…”

I’m pretty sure he continued to tell me more about it. But, for the most part, I tuned the conversation out. Got that glazed over look and threw in a few ohs, really?interestings.

That was until he said the word “electric”. Excuse me? Did he really just say electric? Since when did we become a “green” family? 

But the conversations continued. He did more research. And, three weeks later we had a Chevy Volt sitting in our garage.

Chevy Volt

I could write post after post telling you all about the Volt and maybe I will, eventually. But for now, I wanted to tell you 7 ways the Volt has been rocking my world.

1. No more “Pain at the Pump”.

With gas prices inching their way to $5/gallon, filling up your tank at the gas station is like getting kicked in the gut. Over and over. Because I’m running on electric most of the time in the Volt, my trips to the gas station have become few and far between. I fill up once every few weeks {I drive a lot}. So, instead of getting kicked in the gut, I’m getting more of a pinch or gentle slap.

2. The flux-capacitor.

After 16 years of driving, you’d think I’d realize that breaking at the last minute and accelerating like I’m an Indy driver isn’t the greatest thing for the car or gas mileage. But, alas, I still do both. Well, the Volt has this handy-dandy little monitor (I call it the flux-capacitor) that shows me when I’m driving ideally.

When I’m doing everything right, this little green ball stays right in the middle. When I’m not, that cute little green ball will drift to the top or bottom of the gauge and turn from green to yellow to orange. It’s like having my mom with me, giving me that look while I’m driving. I don’t want to upset the little green ball. So I’m much more conscious of my breaking and accelerating. Yay! Happy Green Ball! Oh, and the technical term for the green ball is Efficiency Gauge.

3. Rock this baby out.

Gone are the days of burning or buying CDs! The Volt comes equipped to connect (via USB) to my iPhone so I can listen to all that music I have downloaded but hardly get a chance to listen to. The kids especially love it because they get to listen to all of their favorite Disney songs with help from the Disney station on Pandora.

4. Almost hands free.

I know the whole idea of key-fobs and proximity sensors is not cutting edge. But I’m a bit new to this. And OH MY WORD! The fact that I can just keep the little key-fob lost at the bottom of my purse but still unlock my car…I may have wept when I saw that feature. Gone are the days of me trying to balance a kid, diaper bag, etc in one arm and use the other hand to try to unlock the car. Now I just tell my 3 year old to push the little silver button on the door handle. Voila!

5. Trunk space for days.

The usual downfall for sedans is that trunk space is pretty limited. Not so on the Volt. I jokingly told the sales guy at the dealership that you could easily fit 2 bodies in that trunk. He wasn’t amused. Don’t worry, while you could fit 2 bodies in the Volt trunk, the area is all open so people could totally see those bodies. But still, you can fit a ton of stuff back there.

And….the back seats can lie flat giving you a freaking ton of space. I easily fit 3 large storage totes, an exersaucer, bouncy seat, and a bunch of other baby gear in the back end of our Volt. And still had room to spare.

6. Good thing there’s cruise control.

I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve looked down and thought WHAT? How in the heck am I going that fast? It is amazing how speedy this thing is and you don’t even realize it. So, yes, cruise control is a blessing in the Volt. I set it all the time in an effort to keep my speed within in a range that I might be able to sweet talk my way out of a ticket. Fast. Without you even knowing it fast.

7. It doesn’t look like an electric car.

Whenever I thought of electric cars, I thought of these little mini/concept cars. Ones that I would make fun of. But the Volt, it looks normal. If it weren’t for me plugging it in at the grocery store parking lot, you might not even know it was electric. And that rocks. And I like that. I didn’t want to stand out on the road. I didn’t want to be the whole woah, there’s that electric car chic. I’d rather be the are you really in that big of a hurry chic (see #6).

Ok, so I’m sure I’ll share more about the Volt in the future. But right now, I’m loving be a Volt Mom and not a MiniVan Mom!

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  • Great post Stacy… tim was telling me all about the car a couple of weeks ago. sounds like a great idea.
    i look forward to reading more about your experience.

  • Thanks Jeff! I’m looking forward to writing a few more posts about how I’m utilizing the car as a mom and woman :)

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