2012 21/02

Losing her first tooth

Somewhere along the line I became old enough to have a kid who is loosing teeth. WHAT?

About a month ago Abbi told me she had a loose tooth. We just so happened to be visiting the dentist that day and she assured me that the very slightly wiggly tooth would be hanging on for a while. She underestimated the persistence of a 6 year old who couldn’t keep her fingers or tongue off of that slightly wiggly tooth.

The day I left for New York that slightly wiggly tooth had progressed to “Sweet Jesus, please don’t let that tooth fall out before I get back from New York” loose. 

Thankfully that little tooth hung on until I got back from NYC. Barely. That next morning Abbi came rushing upstairs, tooth in hand.

MOM! I just woke up and it fell out! Can you believe it?!?!

No, I can’t believe it. Not only did it hang on until I got home but we escaped the first tooth experience without having to yank it out or it dangling there for a few days.

But, now, we had two more hurdles to overcome: How much is the going rate for a tooth? And will my lovely daughter with the hoarding tendencies be willing to give up her tooth to a mythical fairy promising to bring her money?

The first night we had the tooth under her pillow but then, after putting her to bed, she came upstairs in tears saying that she did not want to give away her tooth. But, by the second night she was ready. With the condition that the tooth fairy would return her tooth in a few weeks. I told her the tooth fairy would be ok with that, all the while hoping she just forgets about it.

Phew! One hurdle down {or is it over?}. One more to go.

You guys, there should be a freaking parent handbook with this stuff in it! How much does the tooth fairy pay? Is the first tooth worth more? I should be able to turn to page 12 of my parenting manual and see, Ah yes, the tooth fairy pays out $2 for the first tooth and $1 coins for all other teeth. Done! Nope, instead I turn to Twitter only to find a variety of answers and ideas and me stressing out about this at 10pm.

Oh, and then there is the whole issue of me sneaking into her room and not waking her or her sister as I try to pretend to be this fairy that takes kids teeth.

Honestly, where do things like this come from? When did parents start pretending to be a fairy and paying kids for their teeth? Does anyone else find this the slightest bit creepy? It’s almost as creepy as pretending some giant rabbit comes to your house, hides dyed eggs, and leaves you a basket full of chocolate and marshmallow chicks.

And I’m buying into each one of them. A tooth stealing fairy. A man in a red suit. A giant rabbit. Hook, line, and sinker.

Ok, so tell me your “tooth” stories. I bet you guys have some funny ones. And tell me how much the tooth fairy pays out in your house! These teeth are going to start falling out at an unbelievable pace and I need to know if I should be approaching my bank for a loan. 

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