2012 11/04

A Serious Princess turns 4

Mom, when I grow up I want to be a Princess. A Serious Princess. Not one that lives in a tower. I’m gonna live in a house. Like a castle house. And I’ll come visit you.”

That is my Zoe. She is one of a kind and she is going to be a Serious Princess when she grows up. Unlike her older sister, she does not waiver from this. And I actually believe that that is exactly what she will be some day. A Serious Princess.

So, what better way to celebrate a Serious Princess’ birthday than with an evening at the spa!

Each year, when we come to one of the girls’ birthdays, they get to pick one big thing to do. We do this in lieu of a big party. Not that we don’t love having friends and family together to celebrate with us, it’s just that we’d rather celebrate with a fun experience than cake and gifts. {We’ll do the same for Talon once he gets a little older.}

A few weeks before Zoe’s 4th birthday, I gave her some ideas of things we could do. She immediately jumped at the idea of getting a pedicure. A real pedicure! At the salon. Like mom. YES!!!!

Of course the girls were nothing but giggles the entire time. And I was so thankful to the ladies at Profiles By Design…they made my little ladies feel so special the entire time.

The next day, her actual birthday, we went through all of our other birthday traditions.

Flowers from dad.

Dinner and dessert, the birthday girl’s choice — Crazy Horse, complete with ice cream sundae.

Seeing how much she’s grown this year.

Of course she did manage to sneak away with a few gifts, including her new 2-wheel bike!

All in all, a good birthday.

When I asked Zoe how she felt about turning 4 and if it felt any different than being 3, she got very quiet and thought about it for a moment. Then she answered, “It’s ok but I still want to be able to snuggle with you. And I don’t want to get too strong. Serious Princesses aren’t that strong.”

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  • P. Connie Phothisan via Facebook

    Love her sweet responses. Who doesn’t want to be a serious princess? I know I do. :)

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