2012 20/04

Passion. Flowers. Life. Happiness.

I don’t remember ever having a Career Day in elementary school or taking a day in high school to shadow someone. I always knew what I wanted to be and it wasn’t until after I realized that dream wasn’t going to come to fruition that I actually started looking at other things. Things I liked. Things I felt passionate about.

And, oh my goodness, I’m passionate about a lot of things! The best part, I realized that I can be passionate about all sorts of things and, most of all, I’m passionate about making my dreams and the dreams of those around me happen!

So I told you the other day that I was going to live out one of these dreams. And…It. Was. AWESOME!

Jodi and I spent the afternoon at Pat’s European Flower Market in Holland learning all about flowers and the art of arranging them under the guidance of the amazing Sharon!


Sharon has been in the flower business for 40+ years! What I love about Sharon (besides her delicious chocolate chip cookies) is that she is a person who is living out her passion. Sure, she thought about doing other things in her life, but she always had this love for flowers. When she started working for Pat, she worked for flowers. She loved the idea of arranging flowers so much that she didn’t care if she got paid. That is passion!

Anyhow, Sharon was generous enough to take Jodi and I under her wing for a few hours and teach us some of her tricks. She and Pat let us pick out vases, flowers, and greens and create our own arrangements!

Jodi hard at work

My first arrangement with Gerber Daisies & Tulips

Second arrangement…experimenting with different flowers

Fell in love with these flowers!

We even got to create some arrangements for customers.


Unfortunately most of the deliveries had been made in the morning so we only got to make one delivery. But that delivery brightened up someone’s day and I loved it!

I’m hoping that maybe once the kids are in school more and my day-time is freed up a little, that I can volunteer to do some flower deliveries for Pat!

If you’re ever in the Holland area (or if you live here), you need to go visit Pat’s European Flower Market! Order flowers for yourself or someone else. Or go in to the store and pick your favorite flowers from all of their “loose” flowers. You will not be disappointed!


You can see more photos from the day over on Flickr! And you can see the other fun I’ll be up to over on my Life List!


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