2012 24/04

She took care

She took care.

She took care of her four children. She raised them, often times by herself as her husband was serving in other parts of the country or world. She kissed their boo-boos. She held them after a bad dream. She scolded them when they broke curfew. And she silently cried as she let each one of the go to live their own lives.

She took care of her grandchildren. She rocked them in her arms. Made crafts with them at preschool. Taught them how to play cribbage and rummy. And beamed with pride as she watched them walk down the different aisles of life.

She took care of her great grandchildren. Making each one of them feel beautiful in both body and spirit. Making them feel special. Making them feel loved.

She took care of her husband. Nurturing him. Loving him, taking care of his soul. Respecting him and standing beside him, even when times were tough. Supporting him through the easy decisions and even those that she did not agree with. She took care of him through all the trials his body threw at him. And, when his body was giving out and his time in this flesh was coming to an end, she took care of him.

She took care of their business. Paying the bills. Making sure orders were placed and deliveries were made. Setting up pool leagues and events. Keeping the hungry hunters’ bellies full of chili and cornbread. Treating each person who walked through that door as though they were family.

She took care of her friends and neighbors. Lending a listening ear and word of advice as she clipped their hair, mended their upholstery, or ran their errands.

She took care of her sister-in-law and her mother when their healths failed. Being the constant care they needed and holding their hands until the very end.

She took care of everyone around her. If you had nowhere to go, she would find you a place. If you had nothing to eat, she would fill your belly. If you had no one to talk to, she would pour the coffee. And she never asked for anything in return. She just took care.

And now, as her body fails her…as each breath becomes more difficult…I just want to take care of her.

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