2012 31/05

One part bandage, One part magic

I love when new parents or parents-to-be ask me for my ‘words of wisdom‘. Mostly because, even after three kids, I don’t feel like I have much in the way of advice. I know what works for me. What works for my kids. My family. I definitely know what doesn’t work for us. But I’m […]

2012 29/05

Riding in a race car {Life List}

Technically, it’s not on my Life List. It’s on Tim’s. That was the purpose of the trip over to the Michigan International Speedway on Friday morning. So Tim could hop into a NASCAR race car and take a spin around the track. And he did! After suiting up in a racing suit and helmet, he […]

2012 27/05

Last day of Preschool

Zoe is a hard kid to read, most days. She’s just so nonchalant ¬†about things. A stark difference from her older sister. So I wasn’t quite sure how she would react to her last day of preschool. Would she cry? Would she be excited? Turns out, she was just Zoe. “Last day of school today? […]

2012 24/05

Coffee-creamer isn’t just for your coffee

Confession: I often find myself one ingredient shy of being able to complete a meal or dessert. When this happens I’ll usually forego the whole idea or quickly run to the store. But then there are those times, very rare, that I will use a substitute ingredient. And hope nobody can tell the difference! This […]

2012 18/05

Navigating the world of Pinterest

Oh Pinterest. Lovely, lovely Pinterest. How I long for the days where I can get enveloped into your loveliness. Until then, I sneak a “pin” in here and there. If you haven’t yet entered the world of Pinterest, you are probably wondering what in the hang I am talking about. Pinterest, like most social media […]

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