2012 31/05

One part bandage, One part magic

I love when new parents or parents-to-be ask me for my ‘words of wisdom‘. Mostly because, even after three kids, I don’t feel like I have much in the way of advice. I know what works for me. What works for my kids. My family. I definitely know what doesn’t work for us. But I’m still learning. Always learning.

But, when put on the spot, here is my “go-to” advice:

Stock-up on toilet paper, batteries of all sizes, and Band-Aids.

And if you were smart enough to actually buy stock in any of those, then you don’t need my advice. Because I’m funding your retirement.

It is astounding how much of each of those we go through in a given month. Toilet paper? We have three females in this house. We pee a lot.

Batteries? Umm. I’m pretty sure most baby toy/gear companies have a fabulous partnership with the battery companies! Between baby monitors, toys, handheld games, and my daughter’s obsession with changing the batteries on the smoke detectors every month, we buy the big packs of batteries. {Oh, and if you buy a toy for a kid as a present, always, ALWAYS include a pack of batteries. Seriously. Always.}

Then there are Band-Aids. Not just bandages. I’m kind of a bandage snob. Because I’m applying bandages on my little ones multiple times a week {especially in the Summer}, I want a bandage that is going to come out of the packaging easily, go on easily, and stays on. And Band-aid does that for me.

And I’m a sucker for those cute characters on the Band-Aids. Sure, I hem and haw when we’re at the grocery store when my kids ask for their favorite cartoon-ed Band-Aids. I gotta keep my edge. But, honestly, I’ve been buying cartoon-ed Band-aids well before I had kids.

See, I think those little cartoon characters on the Band-Aids are just as important as the bandage itself. The bandage takes care of the physical boo-boo but the characters take care of the emotional/drama ouchie that often accompanies the physical hurt.

So I kind of love that Band-Aid has taken “healing” one step further! They now have this adorable iPhone app called Band-Aid Magic Vision.

Band-Aid Magic Vision app

The app, with the help of augmented reality technology, uses the lovable Muppet characters that appear on your child’s Band-Aid to unlock this fun world of music and mayhem displayed right on your phone.

Using the Miss Piggy Band-Aid to bring the app to life

Why do I love this? Because the craziness of these Muppets is distracting my kids from the fact that they have scraped up their knee or have blisters from the monkey-bars. Which helps to bring the drama level down a notch or two. And, if you haven’t met my kids yet, let me just say that we tend to have a lot of drama. That, and we simply love the Muppets!

The app is free {super} and is really adorable. And funny! And completely did the trick of distracting Zoe while I was removing yet another splinter from the bottom of her feet because she refuses to wear shoes when skipping on our deck.

You can download Band-Aid Magic Vision App {free} from the iTunes app store and is available for the iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 2 and the new iPad {does that one have a version name?}. You can buy your Muppets Band-Aids at your local store. The designs are all sorts of awesome! Yes, that would be a Band-Aid with the Sweedish Chef’s mustache!!!

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.


  • 1- We LOVE the Muppets in our house. 2- We just bought these band-aids today. Gus is super excited about them. (And I am secretly hoping that I will get to use one next time I have a “boo boo”. 3- Love the app! Thanks for sharing!!

  • That’s awesome, Beth! Seriously, I hid all the Sweedish Chef ones so I can use them. Yup. I’m totally THAT parent. Has Gus seen the app yet? My girls LOVE Gonzo on there!

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