2012 18/05

Navigating the world of Pinterest

Oh Pinterest. Lovely, lovely Pinterest. How I long for the days where I can get enveloped into your loveliness.

Until then, I sneak a “pin” in here and there.

If you haven’t yet entered the world of Pinterest, you are probably wondering what in the hang I am talking about. Pinterest, like most social media realms, can be a bit overwhelming if you’re not “in” it. The terms, the rules, the obsession. It can seem a bit, ummm, weird? Until you figure it out. Then it’s like second nature.

But you don’t have to enter the Pinterest world blindly. Because Kelby Carr is awesome and has created Pinterest for Dummies {they really do have a “Dummies” book for everything!}!

Pinterest for Dummies walks you through every piece of the process, from requesting an invitation to sign-up to integrating it with your other Social Media platforms to the nuts and bolts of creating “boards”, “pinning” and “repinning”

Once you’ve gotten your feet wet, Kelby will help you through the social side of Pinterest, pinning etiquette and the pinning on the go (i.e. mobile).

While the entire book is quality, my two favorite chapters are Chapter 6: Finding Ways to Use Pinterest and Chapter 10: Self-Promoting on Pinterest.

Chapter 6 helps answer the age-old question: Why should I be on Pinterest? The chapter highlights some of the great ways you can use Pinterest. After all, Pinterest is one big virtual idea board. So you can use it for whatever you need. Remember the days when you would dog-ear a page or rip pages out of a magazine because you were looking for new ideas when redecorating your house? Or new recipes to try? Wedding dress ideas? Crafts for the kids? Now, instead of having all those magazines and papers/pages lying around your house, you can keep them on Pinterest. Oh, just go read Chapter 6!

Then, as a blogger and someone who works with companies to expand their Social Media presence, I really enjoyed Chapter 10. How to integrate pins and Pintrest into your site. How to track metrics. How to engage customers and readers. YES! YES! And YES!

So, you can just imagine my copy of Pinterest for Dummies is already decorated in highlighter, notes, and dog-eared pages!

But I’m giving away a copy of Pinterest for Dummies. One that I haven’t marked up. Promise! Fresh, new, and all yours to mark up as you like!


Of course you can always purchase your own copy online and at most major book retailers.

So, go. Pin. And follow me on Pinterest so I can check out all your pinning awesomeness!

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You should know…I received a complimentary copy of this book from Global Influence in order to bring you this review. All opinions are my own. Oh, and Global Influence is providing the giveaway copy. Because they’re super like that!

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