2012 29/05

Riding in a race car {Life List}

Technically, it’s not on my Life List. It’s on Tim’s. That was the purpose of the trip over to the Michigan International Speedway on Friday morning. So Tim could hop into a NASCAR race car and take a spin around the track.

And he did! After suiting up in a racing suit and helmet, he hopped {or shimmied} into car #48 and did a Shotgun Ride-Along.

Race Car Ride-Along

A great precursor to his dream of getting behind the wheel of a race car someday.

Now, while I really had no plans of jumping in a race car myself, once you’re there…and you hear the motors…you just can’t help get caught up in the excitement.

I figured if they would let me do the ride-along in my flip-flops and had a time slot available near Tim’s, then how could I not do it!

Que stars aligning, me suiting up and shimming my way into a race car.

Race Car Ride-Along

The ride was awesome! I equate it to going to Cedar Point or Six Flags. You spend an hour or two standing in line, anticipating the roller coaster ride. Equal parts excitement and Oh My..What am I thinking…Is this even safe?. Then the moment arrives. You strap yourself in. Laugh nervously. And away you go. Minutes later, it is over. You’re not sure exactly how you felt about it. Just that it was awesome. And you’d willingly do it again.

Race Car Ride-Along

That being said, I have no desire to drive a race car. Not as of right now, anyhow.

But I will be right there if/when Tim decides to do it. Because, I kind of like living life with this guy.

Race Car Ride-Along


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