2012 29/07

And then she cried, over the Toyota

Ahhh. It was a lovely long weekend driving this beauty. To recap, Toyota was nice enough to let me drive this brand new Toyota 4Runner for a weekend just to see what I thought of it. Yeah, they are kind of nice like that and I’m kind of lucky like that!

So, here’s what I thought…

What I loved…

Again, it was so clean and smelled so nice! Like a little vacation from my everyday ride. I like vacations!

Anyhow, I’m mostly comparing this to my current SUV because, well, that’s what I have to compare it to. I really liked this size! And, as my kids get older and the bulky gear that we must travel with becomes less, the more I would like it. It does have a third-row that is actually really usable for kids. But that third row also flips down and stows away really nicely, leaving you with a lot of good space. When you do have the third row up for use, you still have a little space behind the seats. Enough space for groceries, anyhow.

I also really like that the back window can simply go down, versus my back window that flips up. This is actually really nice when the kids are riding in the third row and want their window down!

Of course I loved the hands-free features and the touch screen. It’s just fun! The rear/back-up camera was very handy and, although I wasn’t for it when we were car shopping before, I think I could be convinced of it now. It also has a built in converter {letting you plug into a traditional outlet} in the center consul where my husband could plug in his {dinosaur} work cell phone.

The girls, of course, really loved the dual screen entertainment system with wireless headphones. And they thought the automatic lowering running boards were so cool!

Two of my favorite features though were the size of the windows and the push-button start. First, the windows. They were huge! Even the sunroof used the entire space above your head. It was awesome! I loved not having big blindspots and really feeling open! The push-button start…this is a feature we have on our car and I really enjoy it. But what I really, really liked about the Toyota 4Runner was that you could push it in without your foot on the break and it would be like turning your key forward but not starting the engine. So I could roll down windows and use the radio without starting the car. This is not so with our current car. Big fan of this feature!

My husband thought it drove really smooth and handled really well. He also liked having the sequential shift mode. He’s a guy. He thinks about this stuff.

What I didn’t love so much…

Don’t worry, this list isn’t long.

So there is this little space upfront where you can plug in your phone via the headphone jack or use the charger. See the little storage shelf on the left? It’s a fabulous space to store your phone! And then you can even close the cover. Great for taking away that temptation to check your emails or text while driving. But my iPhone didn’t fit on the shelf. It could have been my case but either way, it didn’t fit. Sad face.

Secondly, I’m use to the beefyness of my current SUV. The frame is hefty and, when I shut the door, I feel it. The frame on the 4Runner felt a little less beefy. Something I’m sure you’d get used to. Just different.

All in all…

We really liked the 4Runner! Definitely an option for when we’re vehicle shopping again! This is how much we liked it…….

When Matt came back to pick up the 4Runner and take it away….Abbi came running out of the house. Crying!

Again, in her pjs.

I think Matt felt horrible. I assured him she’d get over it {hopefully}.

Apparently she really, really liked the 4Runner! I think you have a new fan, Toyota!

I was selected for participation in the TWIN community through a program with Clever Girls Collective. I did not receive any compensation for writing this post, or payment in exchange for participating. The opinions expressed herein are mine, and do not reflect the views of Toyota.

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