2012 26/07

Dragging my feet

I’ve avoided looking at the calendar much this week. Because, somehow, we’re already at the end of July. And I don’t understand how that is even possible.

People kept telling me, once you have kids, each Summer seems to go by faster and faster. They were telling the truth!

We haven’t had a busy Summer, by any means, but the days seem to flip passed me faster and faster. Sure, we have another camping trip ahead of us and other fun random summery activities to do, but I feel like the majority of August is spent getting ready to head back to school.

Back to School shopping. Backpacks and lunch boxes. School open houses. Physicals and check-ups. Convincing my 6 year old that she will survive first grade without me being there every day.

Yes, those posts are coming. Tomorrow actually. I’ll be chatting about getting ready for the fall and school. But I’m not ready for it to actually be here. I’m not ready to say goodbye to school. For the rat race of school drop offs and pick ups. Homework. Projects.

I want to soak in the sunshine a while longer. Enjoy our lazy mornings. Piled in bed watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Going days without actually getting into my car.

I like this pace.

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