2012 05/07

My 6 year old Saved My Birthday

Birthdays are a funny thing when you get older. Some people welcome them, hoping this next year will be better than the current, while others dread them, not wanting to think about being another year older. Regardless of the welcome, they often seem to come and go without much t0-do. Just another day.

Another day but with lots of Happy Birthday wishes on Facebook — which was AMAZING, thank you all!!

This does not sit well with my 6 year old. Not that she has anything against Facebook! To her, birthdays are about celebrating and parties and cake and presents! And she wasn’t about to let my birthday just slip away into another day!

When Tim told her it was my birthday, she and her sister went to work on creating birthday cards. Then she insisted on making me breakfast in bed.

When she asked me when I would be opening presents, her heart sank when I told her that I wouldn’t be. What? No presents?? She would rectify this. Minutes later I was surprised with two toys that looked vaguely familiar wrapped in blankets, which also looked familiar. We knew you’d love them, mom!

Her heart was relieved when I did get flowers from Tim in the afternoon, just like she and Zoe get on their birthdays.

Wait…WHAT? NO CAKE? And no candles, either? Before they could head back downstairs to create a Lego-cake creation, I did ease her mind by telling her I decided we would go out to eat for my birthday — Seriously, I’m not about to cook on my birthday. I do have some standards. And she was relieved.

“Oh, good! I know they’ll have dessert at the restaurant, mom!” 

After dinner we came home and got everyone ready for bed. But not without my 6 year old upholding to one last birthday tradition. Between prayers and hugs & kisses goodnight, Abbi and Zoe serenaded me with Happy Birthday. Not prompted by anyone else. Thought of and orchestrated on their own accord. My only Birthday song that day. And it was beautiful.

Looking back at it now, I’m glad Abbi made a fuss over my birthday. I’m glad she has a checklist of what every birthday should include and she was determined to make sure I got each one of those things. It made me feel special. In a small way, it helped to make my birthday feel less like just another day and actually feel like something. 

That girl of mine, she’s pretty awesome.

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