2012 13/07

Princesses love Science, too!

This Summer I decided to test the waters of Summer {Day} Camp with the girls. Despite Abbi’s hesitation and panic of doing something that didn’t involve being attached to my hip, I signed them both up for Hope Summer Science Camp! {Having the girls at an age where they can actually do classes & activities together is a dream come true!}

Because the camps are geared toward school-age kids, our choices were pretty limited if I wanted Abbi to have a class with her preschool sister. But, as luck would have it, we found a class that would work. A perfect fit….Princess Science Camp!

The girls were thrilled at the mere mention of the world “princess”! And I was interested to see how they would incorporate the girly-girl world of princesses with Science.

Well, today was the last day of the week-long day camp and I could not have been more impressed with it!

The very first day I received a parent-packet with an outline of the week —what the girls would be learning about, projects they would be doing, a heads-up on the days they would be getting a little messy. I couldn’t believe everything they were planning on covering and the hands-on projects they would couple with the lessons. Some of the topics they covered included:

  • Gems — included a scavenger hunt, creating their own crowns, making their own “gems” out of clay for a necklace
  • Crystals — they grew their own!
  • Animals and how they use camouflage, the differences between their feet (tracks)
  • Light & the color spectrum — they tie-dyed t-shirts
  • Plants & Flowers — they got to see how a flower uses their roots to get food by putting a flower in colored water
  • Sound & sound waves
  • Making their own soap
  • Building materials and how to make a castle nice and strong
  • Transportation — they got to make their own sailboats and explore whether or not a carpet could really fly!

I am amazed at how much they were able to pack in to just one week and how much information my girls really absorbed! And look how much fun they had together!!!

I LOVE that the girls can now look at all of their favorite princesses and see more than just a pretty girl in a pretty dress. They get to look deeper. They can tell me what the sound waves look like when Snow White is hitting those high notes or how Flounder is breathing underwater.

YAY for Science!!  And YAY for Hope College for putting on such an amazing camp that took something my girls already loved {princesses} and expanded their real world knowledge!!!

We will definitely be doing this again next year. Possibly the Science of Phineas & Ferb camp, because that sounds awesome!


  • Gavin did the Spy Science Camp at Hope this year and loved it. We have also done the Lego one in the past. After reading about the Princess experience I am kicking myself for thinking Anne Hope might still be a bit young to enjoy it. Next year!

  • Oh, that would have been fun to have Anne Hope in the girls’ class! I’m definitely signing them up next year (possibly Abbi in another older class. The girls are going to do a Musical Theater camp (4 mornings) at Avalon later this month, if you’re interested :)

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