2012 28/08

Giving back before heading Back To School

In one week I will be getting the girls out of bed. Making them breakfast. But, instead of our comfortable Summer ritual of snuggling in and watching cartoons, covering the table in glitter and gluey art projects, or splashing around in the water table, we will be packing up backpacks, putting on new clothes, and […]

2012 27/08

We’re gettin’ all sorts of creative in here! With Creativity for Kids!

When my sister-in-law called and asked me if I could watch their girls for the day on a Friday and again on a Monday, I thought,┬áSure, it couldn’t be that tough. Then it hit me. I just agreed to watch two more children. In addition to my three. That’s five kids. All day. Ummm… So […]

2012 23/08

She’s a writer

Now that Abbi can spell {for the most part} and create complete sentences {for the most part}, she has developed a love of writing books. And I am so incredibly smitten by this! When we have a baby, we begin to day dream about what they might be like. What things they might like to […]

2012 22/08

Sharing School Supplies with Champions for Kids and Elmer’s

I love that school supply shopping for us is so easy right now. Sure, the stores have “suggested” lists for first graders and Abbi’s teacher provided us with a list of items she will need to get started, but it’s the easy stuff! Crayons, pencils, glue, hand sanitizer, some folders. All very general and basic […]

2012 14/08

Be The Match {Life List}

I have been donating blood with the American Red Cross on and off since high school. It’s something that I actually enjoy doing, when I can line up a sitter during a blood drive, since I’m not really squeamish around blood. Also, it’s like 20 minutes of quiet time and they give you cookies and […]

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