2012 02/08

A Royale Party with Pony Royale

This post is sponsored by Pony Royale. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

When I was in New York for Toy Fair back in February, one of the few toys that I remember really making an impression on me were these magnificent ponies.

I remember thinking, these ponies are going to be an instant hit with my girls. And boy was I spot on!

A few weeks ago I had four boxes show up on my doorstep and, being the snoopy little girls that they are, Abbi and Zoe were dying to know what was inside! So, we opened them. Their jaws dropped. Oh, Mom! They are…beautiful!

The Pony Royale ponies are definitely that — beautiful! And these beautiful ponies deserved an equally amazing debut party!

So, we invited a handful of our favorite girl friends over, shopped for some yummy snacks, put together a fun craft, and even got a few take-home goodies for our guests! It was the longest 10 days of my girls lives! They wanted to open their Pony Royale ponies so badly but knew they had to wait until the party {insert mean mom}.

Finally our Pony Party day arrived! Let the fun begin!!!

Ponies lined up for their debut. Complete with crowns for the princesses!

Some of the snacks and goodie bags, complete with princess jewelry and stickers!

I was so excited when I found these stickers! Absolutely perfect for our princesses and their princess ponies!

Our craft included decorating their own cut-out ponies. Lots of glitter and sparkles and jewels!!!

Once the girls arrived, they went to work on their craft and enjoyed some snacks. Then it was time to check out the ponies! They learned how there were 12 ponies and each donned a certain birthstone. They loved exploring these posters/maps that talked about each pony — their birth month, birth stone, princess virtue, and what land they were from.

You can learn more about the story behind the Pony Royale ponies here:

After the girls each picked out their own pony {some even chose the pony corresponding with their birth month}, they immediately began switching tails and manes, saddles and crowns, and, of course, brushing their hair and giving them personalities!

That is the amazing thing about Pony Royale — each pony comes with two tails and two mains, a saddle and blanket, tail skirt, and crown. You can switch between the two tails or manes and, as your daughter collects more ponies, you can switch between ponies. Give her a solid tale with curls or maybe a two-toned mane! You can also switch saddles, skirts and crowns between the ponies. Endless looks. Endless fashion.  Endless fun!

The girls loved exploring everything about the ponies and I loved watching how much fun they had!

Before the girls left the party, they each got to pick out a second pony to take home and continue on with the fun! Happy, happy girls!

I love that Pony Royale has brought a new, fresh look to the “princess play/fashion doll” line of toys. They are a more sophisticated yet fun pony!  My girls have loved “dressing-up” their ponies with new hair combinations and imagining new events for their princess ponies to attend. I had to laugh when I heard Abbi say to Zoe, “We need to take away their saddles and crowns because it’s time for them to do some work!” Apparently fancy saddles and crowns get in the way when princesses have work to do!

The Pony Royale collection, including the 12 different ponies, hit the shelves of Toys R Us this week and will be making their way into Target stores in August!

I have no doubt that the Pony Royale princess ponies will be on so many little princesses’ wish lists as we approach the holidays! I’m also looking forward to seeing what Pony Royale adds to their collection in the coming months! Maybe some new accessories? Or accompanying princess riders??

Visit the Pony Royale website for more information. Look for Princess Ponies in stores starting late July! Meanwhile, be sure to check out Pony Royale’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter!


  • Oh those look adorable! I’ve been trying to think of something cute for a big sister gift for my 4yo (step) niece. Since my youngest is 10 I’m totally out of knowing what is hip in toys. Thanks for the great review.

  • Mary,
    You won’t be disappointed! These are really a lot of fun! My youngest daughter is 4 and loves them. She can easily switch the manes, tails, saddles, and crowns without needing help. That will be a great thing for when your nieces’ mom is busy with baby. She can play by herself {and she’ll feel like such a big girl}!

  • These have been a hit with my girls. Thank you so much for letting us be part of the pony party! Love these ponies and the fact that they can mix and match.

  • P. Connie Phothisan via Facebook

    Love these ponies!

  • Do you know if they all come with posters or just a select few? We just received 3 and 2 had posters and 1 did not. Thank you.

  • Michele
    We had a few ponies like that as well. I’m not sure if the maps were something they added in a later production of the ponies. Are you following them on Facebook? I’d shoot the question over there!

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