2012 08/08

Save the noodles! {and help Feeding America}

This post is brought to you by gooey, creamy, delicious KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese. Start making digital macaroni art at DinnerNotArt.com today.

Do you have that “go to” meal? The one that you find yourself making when you’re in a pinch? Just aren’t sure what else to make? Your comfort food?

KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese is that meal for me! I’ve always loved Mac & Cheese. You will always find that blue box in my cupboard. I always make a little extra so I can reheat it for lunch the next day {the best!}. And my kids are following in my footsteps. Not about the reheating part but loving Kraft. They are Spirals kids, with ketchup. {I’ll give you a minute to gag on that one}. Sorry, Kraft, I blame their father for that!

Now, while we love that cheesy goodness in our house, we haven’t really embarked on using the macaroni of our Macaroni & Cheese for art projects. I remember using the noodles when I was in preschool to make the standard noodle necklaces and my kids have come home with some noodle art from their preschool classes. It seems like a ‘rite of passage’ for kids.

But, now, KRAFT is saying, “Enough of the macaroni art! Stop wasting our noodles!!”

Ok, KRAFT isn’t really going to start picketing your preschools {at least I don’t think they are} but they have created this fun iPad app for kids called Dinner Not Art.

The app allows kids (or adults) to create original artwork using virtual noodles and paint. Once you are finished with your masterpiece, you can “glue it down” and add it to your “fridge”! The fridge part is super cute!

You can also submit your artwork for the Macaroni Masterpiece Gallery on the KRAFT Facebook page and Pinterest board. Who knows, you just might become a famous digital noodle artist! Also, there are some amazing macaroni artists out there! Wow!

The app itself is pretty fun. Very clever idea! But, honestly, I had a bit of a hard time with it, at first. I could not figure out how to rotate the noodles and the paintbrush feature seemed to have a small delay on the iPad. This, of course, frustrated the girls because the didn’t think it was “working right”. {Note: I did figure out the rotating part!}

Also, the app currently requires you to use an iPad with a front facing camera or use the online desktop version on your computer. So we had to use my husband’s iPad…not the one the girls typically get to play on. I’m exactly sure why the requirement since you don’t use the camera in the app at all.  That was the biggest disappointment.

However, the app does have some really fun features! You can chose from different colored ‘paper’ or even one that has a theme to it. And you can color your noodles! Loved that!!


AND, the app is FREE! and {love this part} for every digital noodle used in saved art on Dinner Not Art, KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese will donate 10 noodles to Feeding America®, up to 110,000,000 noodles (until 12/31/12)!

You can download the FREE app for your iPad 2 or 3rd Generation iPad or, if you don’t have one of those, you can also play online on their desktop version!

So, save the noodles! Don’t let another noodle get sacrificed to the necklaces or glue!

Just kidding! But take a look at the app or desktop version of “Dinner Not Art”! Your kids will get a kick out of it AND it is a super easy way to help donate to Feeding America®!!!

As part of the DailyBuzz Moms Featured Publisher Community, I received a stipend in exchange for my participation in this program. All opinions are my own.

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