2012 23/08

She’s a writer

Now that Abbi can spell {for the most part} and create complete sentences {for the most part}, she has developed a love of writing books. And I am so incredibly smitten by this!

When we have a baby, we begin to day dream about what they might be like. What things they might like to do. Talents they might have. And, deep down, we hope that one of those “likes” will be something we enjoy as well. Something we can share with our child.

Abbi’s books have evolved from coloring pictures where she would just tell me a story {one that changed with every reading} to books with actual stories. Written out. Illustrated. 

Once her pages are finished, she creates her own cover and we staple it all together. She even creates a “about the author” section on the back cover! This girl is serious about her writing!!


A book about her American Girl Doll, Addy. We are now working on writing sentences below the picture so I can actually read them.


Her most recent book: Look At The Animals. “Look at that Hippo. I like that Hippo”

Right now I love that it helps stretch her imagination, gives her practice with her writing skills, and offers a creative outlet for her. I’m also hoping that we can use this as a way for her to express her feelings {she’s definitely my “feelings” girl} and maybe even work through some of her anxiety.

“I was so sad.” This was a book she wrote about a ballon her cousin gave her that escaped from the car and floated off, never to return. She really was sad.

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