2012 25/09

Exploring Grand Marais, Michigan

Before diving back into the busyness of Back to School, we took a week long camping trip to beautiful Grand Marais, Michigan and, despite living in Michigan for 33 years, this was a place I had never visited before. Now, I love visiting big cities. I just love the energy and never ending “things to […]

2012 20/09

Warrior Dash 2012

I would never deem myself as being tough. Certainly not a warrior. And, although I do run, I would not consider myself a runner. That being said, I have no problem with getting a little dirty, love having fun, and am usually up for a challenge.  I guess it was that last statement that caused me to say […]

2012 18/09

Using those Summer Sea Shells

Whether you spent the entire Summer walking up and down the beach or you only made it to the beach once on that family vacation, you’ve probably discovered a bowl (or bucket) full of sea shells have come home with you. So, what on earth do you do with them all? Here are some fun […]

2012 17/09

He doesn’t sleep.

As parents, we are quick to brag about our children’s accomplishments. Especially when they are achieving such things earlier than expected. Oh, yes, my little Jane started walking at just nine months. She was also composing symphonies, creating floor plans for the next Taj Mahal, and solving our country’s economic struggles.  What we don’t say […]

2012 11/09

Remembering 9/11 with the next generation

It’s an interesting thing — national tragedies. Like you,  I can tell you exactly where I was eleven years ago today. I remember the news. Watching the towers fall. Hearing about the Pentagon. Pennsylvania. I remember the emotions. The confusion. Horror. Sadness. Fear. It still feels so fresh and so raw, even today. In so […]

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