2012 04/09

Back To School Traditions

I love the idea of making memories around heading back to school. Making it special. Keeping the whole event positive and memorable for the kids. Hoping that it makes the transition back into school life a little easier!

We didn’t have any Back To School traditions growing up. Not that I can remember, anyhow. Except shopping with mom. So I struggle with finding the traditions that will work for us. So far our traditions include letting the girls shop for a new outfit and taking a picture of them on their first day {boring, I know} and being sure I drive the kids to school and walk them into their classroom. I’m sure that last one will change as they get older and don’t want mom walking them in. Hurumph. 

But here are some ideas that I like:

Back to School gift — Maybe something small. A new book or toy. On the girls’ first days of preschool I actually gave them a necklace with a little charm that had their initial. Unfortunately the necklaces didn’t last long as they broke the chain or clasp.

After school ice cream — Or maybe cupcakes at one of our local bakeries.

I really love the idea that some grandparents will actually take the kids shopping before school starts and buy them a new backpack each year. Or that grandma and grandpa are the ones who take the kids out for ice cream after school. I just really like seeing grandparents get involved with the kids and the whole ‘back to school’ experience. And I think the kids really look forward to it, too!

Maybe I put too much thought into heading Back To School and we should just let it happen. Not sure yet.

What do you do to celebrate heading Back To School? What traditions does your family have? Give me your ideas!

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