2012 17/09

He doesn’t sleep.

As parents, we are quick to brag about our children’s accomplishments. Especially when they are achieving such things earlier than expected.

Oh, yes, my little Jane started walking at just nine months. She was also composing symphonies, creating floor plans for the next Taj Mahal, and solving our country’s economic struggles. 

What we don’t say is..

Little Jane bites! Every time I nurse her! She hits her sister despite every effort to discipline her. The girl will not eat anything other than cheese puffs and pitches a fit if I put anything else on her plate. She has also turned my sofa, chair, and walls into her own art studio with permanent markers!

So here’s the thing…Talon is 19 months old now. That’s just five months shy of being 2. And the kid STILL does not consistently sleep through the night. And by consistently, I mean like hardly ever.

Just when I think he’s moved past this “stage”, something happens to rock the boat. He gets sick. Or is teething. Or has a bad dream. Or…I have no freaking clue why…he just wakes up. Most nights though, he wakes up at least once. Did you catch that…”at least”???

Lately he’s been waking up multiple times a night. Crying. And we can’t figure out why. We change his diaper. Try just rocking him. And then resort to giving him a little bottle. {Yes, he’s also still drinking a bottle. Also another problem.}

I’ve never been one to do the “cry it out” method. I just can’t. Or I couldn’t. Now I’m thinking it’s our only choice. Because he needs to learn that waking up throughout the night is not acceptable.

Problem #2 {or #3 if you count that whole bottle thing}: The kid hates the grocery store. Well, actually the grocery carts at the store. We’re to the point now where he won’t even sit in one. I have to carry him through the store. Which obviously makes grocery shopping a less-than-productive event. He’s not a big fan of riding in his stroller either.

So there you have it. Don’t be fooled by his cute little smirk or playful shyness! This kid is a little stinker with his not sleeping or wanting to ride in the cart.

It’s beyond frustrating. And has me at my wits end, most days.

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  • So sorry you have been living years without a full night’s sleep, but have to say I feel your pain. I have no problem admitting that our Gibson (4 in November) doesn’t sleep though the night…unless he sleeps with us, so he’s been sleeping with us…for 2 years! So, no solutions or suggestions from us – just a pinch of sympathy.

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