2012 10/09

Preserving Summer

Despite the influx of Back To School posts these past few weeks, I am still dragging my feet on letting Summer go. Which is funny since I would classify this Summer as not being the greatest. Living in a condo with three kids and a dog with no real yard for running or playing? Not advisable.

But, alas, we did make some fun memories this Summer.

Aside from printing a book of digital photos, how does one begin to preserve those memories?

Well, in an effort to not only preserve our Summer experiences but to also declutter my house as we move into Fall, we are doing two projects!


I love little kid foot prints and hand prints and thought it would be fun to do some of the ideas that I saw floating around on Pinterest. It will be fun to compare these next Summer to show the kids how much they’ve grown over the year.

So, before we start stuffing those little feet into shoes, we celebrated our bare feet one last time!

The girls each made Butterfly Feet — On a canvas, draw the body of your butterfly with a marker or use black or brown paint (we used a black Sharpie). Then we simply used a paintbrush and {quickly} painted a pattern of stripes on the bottom of their feet. Paint one foot at a time and then press that foot onto the canvas, lined up with the butterfly body. After you have both “wings” complete, you can add antennae and a face to your butterfly.

For Talon, we did Bumble Bees — Same general concept as the butterflies but you’re going to make two separate bumble bees. One foot at a time, I pained covered his foot in yellow paint and pressed it to the canvas. After the paint dried, I used black paint to create stripes, a face, and antennae.


Shadowbox of Summer

With Summer wrapping up, are you finding piles of rocks, shells, ticket stubs, etc around your house from all of your adventures? In years past, I would just slowly toss those piles in the trash {when the kids weren’t looking}, hoping the girls wouldn’t notice the dwindling piles.

This year I’m using those piles to create a collage of memories in a shadowbox. It won’t earn me Mother Of The Year, but it might be one less thing my kids need therapy for.

Inside our Summer Shadowbox we added pictures from Princess Science Camp, Musical Theater Camp, and camping. We completed the box with the crystals the girls created at Princess Science camp and some of the rocks they collected while camping.


How are you holding on to the Summer in your house? 


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