2012 09/10

Blogging moms, can we do it all?

When Tim and I decided to start our lovely little family, we decided, together, that I would stay home with the kids. I wanted to be there for every milestone. I wanted to be the one to put them down for naps, snuggle them when they weren’t feeling well, and watch the joy on their faces when they experienced and learned something new. That’s what I wanted.

And I still want that. I just also have this desire. This drive. I want to do things. I want to write (books & articles/posts) and work with people. With brands and companies. I want to learn and teach.

Here is the problem: How do I be a stay at home mom and do all that stuff I just wrote above? How do I be a stay at home mom and a working mom? How do I do it all?

Feel free to jump in with answers any time now!

On a day to day basis, I can generally juggle things. I can squeeze in writing a blog post or two and some social media work while the kids are napping, down for bed, or while I’m waiting to pick them up from school. I’m good at the in-betweens.

The tricky parts come with travel, trips, events. Almost weekly I receive an email asking me to attend an event or press trip or there is some conference that I really want to attend. And I turn down 95% of these. The kicker is that it is such an honor to be invited to these events and trips. It is an honor to be asked to speak at events or conferences. And they are such valuable networking and learning experiences.

Now I am fortunate (very fortunate) to go on some of these trips and conferences. Because I have such an amazingly supportive husband that makes it work for me to be gone. But it’s not without stress. A lot of stress. Tim taking time off form work or us finding someone to help ┬átake care of the kids if he can’t. The emotional toll it takes on the kids for mom to be gone. Stress.

So how do so many moms do it? Because I know bloggers who do not turn down a press trip or event. And they make their way through the conference circuit. How do they balance their home life and the kids while traveling?

How do you do it, logistically? Does your significant other take time off work? Do you have family/parents who take the kids for you?

And how do you do it, emotionally? I will be gone back to back weekends this month and I am riddled with mom-guilt!

So, let’s chat about this. No judging. Just open and honest conversation.

How do you balance those two passions in your life: Family and Work/Volunteer?

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  • Just had to tell you that I keep checking back on this post in hopes that someone has commented and offered a magic solution. Alas, still no comments…maybe that means there really isn’t a good way to be everything to everyone all the time. I am kind of an all or nothing type gal and have to remind myself often that for now I have chosen to be mom and even though I really want to pursue so many passions and a job…with money!…I wouldn’t be giving 100% of myself to either. Not that I don’t believe that there are some moms who do an AMAZING job balancing both, when I tried I realized that I wasn’t doing either job as well as I expect of myself. UGH. Hey, I am going to keep checking back for wisdom ­čśë

  • I often wonder the same thing. I work outside the home and am trying to figure out a way to quit and work at home!
    I know that I’d love to go to more conferences and be able to do more but for me it’s cost. They’re really expensive & have no idea how people can afford to go to so many.

  • Um, I love this. I read this right away and have been pondering how/if/when to respond because this is so (soooo) on my mind lately. How do we do it? How the hell does this work?

    I think Katie said it wonderfully, as did you. We don’t do it all. If we want happiness in the title we have, we can’t have the mediocre title we crave. Compromise?

    I have no answers. But I love this question. Personally, the answer is no (not now). Which I think I struggle with the most. I want the career NOW but I have to say no and focus elsewhere for my own sanity. For my marriage and family. Even for myself.

    I think you’re amazing and love that you’re beyond creative and resourceful with making work a priority. I don’t think women who are moms get told often enough that they’re doing something valuable. And you so are.

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