2012 29/10

Departing from the expected with Kia Sorento

After driving a mini van for four and one half years, it became very apparent that I am not a “minivan mom”. Despite having three kids and a dog, and all the ‘stuff’ that goes along with them, I just didn’t want to drive a minivan. But that’s want moms are supposed to drive, right?

WRONG! Well, not all moms. Or at least they don’t have to! Now that the Crossover Vehicles have entered the auto scene, moms have a choice!

And I, for one, am loving these Crossovers like the Kia Sorento!

I love that the tag line to the Kia 2013 Sorento is “A departure from the expected”! Because that is exactly what it is!!

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of testing out the new 2013 Kia Sorento SX for a week, just enough time to put it through its mom-paces!

First things first, time to pop up that third row seating and pack in the kids! That’s right, the Sorento SX is equipped with third row seating, allowing you to seat up to 7! Perfect for our family of 5 (+ dog). The nice thing was that even after packing in all three kids, I still had plenty of room for groceries!

I also loved some of the special features on the Kia Sorento SX, including the back-up camera (perfect for making sure a certain 6 year old did not leave her bicycle behind the car again) and the seat-coolers! Sure, you’ve seen the seat-heaters, but have you seen seat-coolers? This is awesome! It’s like you’re riding on a cushy air hockey table!

The girls loved checking out all the features of the Sorento SX. Their absolute favorite feature — the dual sunroofs! Having a sunroof both in the front and the back made it feel like the entire roof was “open”. This was the perfect way to watch the autumn colors take shape.

Of course, what would a test drive be without a road trip! So I grabbed my lovely friends Sarah and we headed north to Petoskey for the Mitten Moms Conference. Not only did we get some long distance drive time, but I got to test out how it would handle in rain and snow! Yes, SNOW! On the way home I ran into a light dusting of snow! The Sorento SX handled beautifully in all of the weather conditions and was such a smooth ride!

All in all, the Kia Sorento SX is a great Crossover vehicle and a great alternative to the minivan!

This Kia Sorento SX was provided to me for a week-long test drive, free of charge, courtesy of Kia. All opinions stated here are my own.


  • Thanks for the review Stacey! I need to find a hook up with a crossover test drive for a week. I am so tired of driving a giant Suburban, but I am really skeptical that there is any other option for our family of 6, plus the occasional car pool friend, and a stroller or groceries packed in.

  • Katie
    I really liked the Kia Sorento SX but I think you would find it a bit tight if you were looking at it as your main “family” car. Mostly because of car seats. I think once the kids are all out of car seats, then it would work better. But, because you have to “pop” the middle seat forward to get to the third row, it can be a bit of a pain with car seats in there. With the third row up as seats, there is still a little space in the very back for groceries and such, but probably not a stroller. Hope that helps :)

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