2012 17/10

Fall Make-up Makeover for $20

To say that I am make-up-ly challenged….well, that would be an understatement. Sure, I wear make-up on a daily basis. But I really have no idea what I’m doing most times.

Growing up, I only remember my mom wearing make-up on special occasions. And I don’t really remember sitting and watching her apply make-up. So, what I do know about make-up and it’s application has been things I’ve learned from trial and error and magazines. 

Here are the challenges I’ve encountered with my ‘trial and error’ approach at make-up:

Challenge 1: Make-up isn’t cheap!

Mind you, I do not buy the high-end products. I buy your everyday box store/pharmacy make-up. Yes, it is brands you would recognize but I would consider them the average person’s make-up. But it still isn’t cheap. We’re talking $7-$10 for foundation or powder and $5-$8 for eyeliner, shadow, or mascara. It adds up!

Challenge 2: Finding the right shades.

We’ve already established that the cost of make-up adds up but then toss in there the shades and products you purchased that just didn’t work for you. Now those products sit, unused in your make-up bag or you pass them along to friends. And you’re out that money. I just don’t feel like I can just purchase products to experiment with.

Challenge 3: Expired products and restocking.

Did you know that make-up expires? It totally does! Here is a great resource on those expiration dates but, for example, you should replace your eye liner and mascara every 3 months and your shadows every 2 years. Ummm…I know I don’t go through that much mascara or eye liner. If I follow these guidelines, I would find myself tossing out make-up before it’s all used. And then spending more money to replenish.

Also, when it comes to eye shadows with multiple shades, I find myself using up one or two shades and am left with two other shades. Do I just toss them or hang on to them, thinking I’ll actually use them?

As Fall approached this year, I really wanted to try something different with my make-up. I wanted to just toss everything in my bag and start over. When I started looking at what that would cost, I was looking at $75+. WOW!

Then I remembered hearing about a different cosmetics brand. One that I had never tried before because I was comfortable with the brands I knew, the ones I saw in the magazines, on tv. But it was time to try something new. And, with that, I set out to shop for e.l.f. Cosmetics.

Honestly, my first impression…how can make-up that only costs $1-$3 be any good? But I was committed to giving e.l.f. a shot.

e.l.f. selection at Walmart

After browsing the selection at Walmart, I ended up purchasing powder, concealer, and cream eyeliner from the e.l.f. Studio line and mascara, bronzing powder, lip gloss, an eye shadow compact, four shadow discs, and an assortment of make-up brushes from the e.l.f. line. My entire purchase cost me just over $20.

Some of my new e.l.f. loot!

You can see more about my shopping trip on Google+.

I unpackaged the make-up, tossed them in my {now empty} make-up bag and finished packing for my trip to Charlotte, NC. After all, what better way to test out new make-up than in a different city, on a press-trip, hanging out with people you’ve never met before. Sounded like the perfect time to give myself a fresh fall look!

Time to give this face a fresh fall look!

Here are my overall thoughts: I love the powder, concealer, bronzing powder {which I have never used before, like ever!}, and cream eyeliner! They all went on easily and I did not feel like I was ‘caking’ on the make-up. I especially liked the concealer because it covered the dark circles under my eyes and the red blotch on my cheek. I hate that blotch!

I really loved the lip gloss! It gave me the perfect amount of color and gloss for my daytime. I would like to pick up a more distinct color (or two) for nighttime wear. And with these prices, I totally can and not feel badly if it doesn’t work out for me.

I also love the idea of the eye shadow compact and eye shadow discs! Now, when I run out of one color or decide that a certain shade doesn’t work for me, I can just pop out that disc and pop in a new one! And I’m not stuck with a bunch of half-used shadows cluttering up my bag!

e.l.f. on the left — old stuff on the right

The only product that I did not like was the Lengthening and Defining Mascara. I’m pretty picky about mascara. I want it smooth and non-clumpy. While I wasn’t happy with the Lengthening and Defining Mascara, it did only cost me $1 so I will happily try other mascaras from e.l.f.!

Here is my fresh fall look:

Still very basic but, now that I’ve seen for myself that e.l.f. cosmetics is a quality brand, I’m excited to pick up a few more pieces for my make-up bag. Maybe even try some of the hot fall make-up trends like the green or black shadow cat eyes, deep cherry lips, gold accents on the eyes or cheeks, or blushed cheeks. Watch out, friends, I just might be trendy!

How do you freshen up your make-up as you transition into Fall? What looks are your “go-to” looks? Shades? Or must-have pieces for your make-up bag?

You can learn more about e.l.f. everyday cosmetics at eyeslipsface.com or chat them up on Twitter or Facebook.

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and e.l.f. #CBias #SocialFabric #eyeslipsface  All opinions are my own.

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