2012 22/10

Getting your Winter gear ready for Winter

Today it is sunny, blue skies, and inching it’s way to the mid 60s. And it’s the end of October. But don’t be fooled! This is Michigan and I know that tomorrow it could very well be snowing!

So, before the snow actually does start to fall, now is a great time to get your Winter-wear ready!

1. Take Inventory

Taking a few minutes to pull out your Winter gear from last year gives you a good idea of what you actually have and what you need to get. First, lay out what you have, in pairs or matching sets, and inspect them for any holes.


Next, enlist the help of your kids and check the sizing. Pack away or donate the hats & mittens/gloves that are too small. What do you have left?


2. Make a list.

My rule of thumb when determining how many sets of hats and mittens/gloves we need is to have four sets for each of my school-aged kids and three sets for the littlest guy (not in school or daycare).

Set 1 – For school and always stays in the backpack, except when needed to be washed.

Set 2 – Stored in a ziplock bag and kept in the car. These are our “emergency” sets. We keep them in the car just in case we do get stranded for some crazy reason, but also for those times that we are at grandma’s house or a friend’s house and they want to play outside. Or for that impromptu stop at the park for a snowball fight or snow angels!

Set 3 & 4 – These are our home-sets. It’s no fun to postpone outdoor play because one set gets wet and just won’t dry fast enough. Or, if you’re like us, one set always seems to go missing. Have two (or even three) sets around the house keeps the outdoor play going and little hands and heads staying warm and dry!

3. Shop & Label

Now, it’s time to head to the store or consignment shop to grab what you need! Remember, cutesie hats and mittens are great for those trips to the store or church, but you will want practical ones for actual play time.

Keeping those hats and mitts in your child’s possession is the next battle! Labeling them is the key to this! Write their name on the insides or pick up some of these fabulous labels from Mabel’s Labels!  Depending on the size of your gear, the Tag Mates™ Clothing Labels or Skinny-Minis™ work great!

4. Hope for the best!

Now that you’ve armed them with labeled hats and mitts that fit, it’s time to release the little snow monsters and hope that they wear them, keep them on, and keep them in their possession! If not, well, you always have a few more sets to borrow them from!


And, in about five or six months, we’ll talk about packing them away!

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