2012 28/11

Celebrating Christmas Traditions {Giveaway}

Christmas is a time rich in traditions. And it is no secret that I love traditions! Growing up we didn’t have too many Christmas traditions. At least not that I remember. But I do remember one that comes flooding back to me from time to time. When we were still pretty little, we would go […]

2012 26/11

When “Wimpy” becomes the new Cool

Ah, Middle School! The three most awkward years of a person’s young life. I love it! All the awkwardness and drama! Walk into almost any Middle School and you will see everything from a little sixth grader who still wants recess twice a day to an eighth grader who is ready to shave! And while […]

2012 21/11

Thanksgiving Day Kids Crafts

Here is how the Thanksgiving scene usually plays out in our family: Pre-dinner — some adults are in the kitchen cooking, other adults are watching football (or something else on TV), teens are being all angsty and texting their friends who are also being subjected to family time, and the younger kids are running around […]

2012 20/11

Wish lists are going digital with Gift Birdy

Each year, about this same time, I usually get a phone call or email from my mom. It’s the “I need your Christmas lists” email/call. I love this about my mom. I love it for a few reasons. She doesn’t want to be stressed out and trying to guess what the “perfect gift” might be. She […]

2012 18/11

Cypher Kids Augmented Reality Cards

As a very digital family, I love finding ways that we can integrate the technology we already use and love into ways the kids can keep learning. It would come as no surprise to know that my phone is equal parts apps for my kids as it is apps for me. I have downloaded a […]

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