2012 21/11

Thanksgiving Day Kids Crafts

Here is how the Thanksgiving scene usually plays out in our family:

Pre-dinner — some adults are in the kitchen cooking, other adults are watching football (or something else on TV), teens are being all angsty and texting their friends who are also being subjected to family time, and the younger kids are running around driving everyone crazy.

Post-dinner — some adults are in the kitchen cleaning up, other adults are watching football and playing adult board games, teens are still being angsty and texting, and the youngests are still driving everyone crazy.

Well, I can’t help you with the teenage angst stuff, but I can help you with the younger pre-teen angst kids!

My kids could care less about football games or holiday movies (unless animated) and, as much as they want to be included in adult board games, no one has the patience to sit there as a 6 year old learns how to play Monopoly.

So, save yourself the frustration and get crafting!

Here are some simple crafts to keep your little ones busy on Thanksgiving Day, before and after the meal:

A turkey votive made from a babyfood jar or mason jar

Source: staceysays.com via Stacey on Pinterest


A ‘thankfulness’ turkey, complete with candies inside!

Source: makeandtakes.com via Ashley on Pinterest


Handprint turkey without the messy paints

Source: crafts.slides.kaboose.com via Lindsay on Pinterest


Create your own Thanksgiving dinner guests

Source: blogs.babble.com via Kelly on Pinterest


Pinecone Turkeys

Source: blogs.babble.com via Chrissy on Pinterest


Family ‘thankfulness’ Tree

Source: learningenglish-esl.blogspot.com via Diana on Pinterest


Edible turkeys

Source: realfoodallergyfree.com via Julie on Pinterest


So, round up your crafting supplies and let their little imaginations go wild. Also, this is a great job for your angsty-texting teens — they get to be the craft table supervisors!

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

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