2012 20/11

Wish lists are going digital with Gift Birdy

Each year, about this same time, I usually get a phone call or email from my mom. It’s the “I need your Christmas lists” email/call.

I love this about my mom. I love it for a few reasons. She doesn’t want to be stressed out and trying to guess what the “perfect gift” might be. She wants to get the kids (and me and Tim) something we want. She wants to see the joy on their faces when her grandkids open a gift that they had been hoping for. My grams did this, too. I always she thought she had us circling things in the Wish Book as kids to keep us occupied and out of her hair for a few minutes but I then I realized that she was using it as sort of shopping list.

This year we happened to be visiting them for the day so she asked in person and Abbi happily drew her Grammy a picture of what she wants — a teddy bear.

But I still have to give her lists for Zoe and Talon. And, being the digital family that we are, I think we will be making those lists using GiftBirdy.com.

Gift Birdy is an easy, online program where you  and your child can simply make Wish Lists. Create lists for each child and then let them search for items, if they know what it is they want, or have them search through some of the most popular gifts for the season.

Add the items they are hoping for to their list and, once complete or after you’ve convinced them to be done, you can simply email that list to Grandma (or anyone else).

The cool thing is that Gift Birdy acts as a sort of “gift registry”. You can send the same list to multiple people and, when they purchase something off that list, it is marked as such. Your child can’t see that it has been purchased {don’t want to ruin the unwrapping fun} but the other people receiving that list email can.

I also like that Gift Birdy is connected to Amazon because it is already one of my ‘go-to’ shopping sites. Oh, and Gift Birdy is not riddled with advertisements or pop-up ads! This is great because I can let my girls spend some time making their ultimate wish lists and not worry about something inappropriate coming across the screen!

My kids like Gift Birdy because, in addition to making Wish Lists, they can play games and collect Bambinos. Bambinos are little creatures, like trading cards, that can be “collected” by collecting “feathers” through making lists, sharing their lists, inviting friends to the site, playing games, and more.

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to keep track of your kids’ Wish Lists and share them with friends or family, GiftBirdy.com is a great option! And, if you’re still not clear on how cool Gift Birdy is, go check out this little introduction video. It’s pretty cute!

Do your kids make Wish Lists or maybe send a list to Santa? Does your family prefer to shop from Wish Lists or do they go rogue? 

This is a sponsored post from One 2 One Network and Gift Birdy. All opinions are my own.

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