2012 31/12

Our 2012

January Snow. Tattoos.  

2012 28/12

Confession: I like to drive fast

Maybe it’s because most days I have kids in the car with me and, so, I’m mindful of my driving and my speed. But on the times when they are not with me, I love to drive fast. I’m still very mindful of my driving, but the speed limit becomes more of a suggestion. When […]

2012 28/12

Simplifying Online Shopping with V.me

With the New Year quickly approaching, have you given any thoughts to the goals or resolutions you will set? Me? I’m not much for the New Years Resolutions thing. Sure, I have certain things I’d love to see myself do or not do in the New Year. But I know better than to put the […]

2012 21/12

That Last Minute Gift

As typically organized as I am, when it comes to the holidays, I become this crazy procrastinator. Maybe it’s because I want the holidays to last as long as possible. Or maybe it’s because I’m already insanely busy with a billion other things. Or maybe it’s just because the ┬áholiday tasks do not take a […]

2012 20/12

Visiting Santa

Crying while sitting on Santa’s lap was so last year! This year, Talon rushed right up to Santa to give him hugs and high-fives! He even sat on his lap for two different photos! You can view our Santa Through The Years photos over on Flickr! I can’t believe how much the three of them […]

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