2013 21/01

You can’t unbreak a broken toy

It’s a tough lesson for my kids. One we revisit often. It happens almost weekly. First the crying, then the thump, thump, thump, thump with someone running up stairs. MOM!  A major catastrophe in the eyes of a little girl, but really it’s just another mishap. Barbie’s head came off again. A broken bead necklace or […]

2013 15/01

The dangers

I should have known better. After all, I’ve been here before. But I got caught up in the moment. The romance of it all. Your secrets. Your possibilities. Your character and charm. I let your “what if”s and “we could”s and the “can you just imagine”s cloud my judgement. I was giddy with the ideas of […]

2013 11/01

A letter to my pre-kid self

Slow down. Just slow down. The journey you are about to set out on is going to be very different than you think. It is a road laced with amazing moments. Ones that you will cherish forever. It is also lined with tough times. Ones that you are really not prepared for. For the next […]

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